OVERrated Gymnasts

The worlds seems to love the gymnasts with potential that never put it together in a World or Olympic AA (Tatiana Lysenko comes to mind) but I was bored and doing some gym watching on youtube when I came across this beam routine.

In the past I had never thought of Dina as a sloppy gymnast but this beam routine was just sloppy to the tenth degree. Her twisting form was gross. She didn’t finish either twist until she was practically down on the beam. Her wolf jump looked really short and it wasn’t connected to the swing down. She had bent knee’s in her weak back hand spring layout back hand spring (most gymnasts could do two layouts) Her dismount was a mess and all the arm swinging in this routine was distracting.

There wasn’t a pretty move in this routine. She didn’t bobble but that doesn’t make it good gymnastics.

If Dina wasn’t Russian I think people would pick apart her issues a lot more but she was always one of those in the middle gymnasts that people just loved because she never was very successful in the AA.



One Response to “OVERrated Gymnasts”

  1. DD Says:

    I really really agree with you. I am so happy someone else acknowledged this. Dina was such a sloppy gymnast. Her dancing was so over hyped. Thanks

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