Mattie Larson leaves AOGC

Abomb says its true so it must be. No more details yet but I am sure Abomb will threaten someone else for info very soon and we will all find out Mattie blames her coaches for the fact all she does is choke.



3 Responses to “Mattie Larson leaves AOGC”

  1. fyss Says:

    abomb did say it was amicable. but this is an interesting development to me.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I may be new to the gymblog world but, who is abomb?

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    anon he is the guy that stole GGMB from a women named Doc. When he took over ggmb ( he didn’t allow anyone to have an opinion he didn’t agree with. If you disagree with him he bans you. The board was made so people could have an opinon without being banned .
    OOBN used to be the place to post but the owner Skitch was a jerk that acted like abomb so doc created the board and now abomb runs it the same way skitch ran oobn. No he is actuallu MUCH worse then skitch ever was.

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