Mattie Larsons bandwagon addiction

Mattie is from NY and you can see pictures of her in a Yankee hat on her facebook. Okay so she is from NY who isn’t a Yankee fan from there? I mean look at the alternative (The Mets ahaha) So that is fine well Mattie is also a Laker fan. Okay she trains in California I get that. She walks around with a Kobe Bryant phone cover. Well tonight Mattie’s update was


Rep the West? Is she kidding me? If she was really repping the West and where she trains she would be a freaking Dodgers fan not a Giants fan SF is way away from LA you choker. Not only that but she is an East coaster. Kids these days.

She isn’t a fan of these teams she is a bandwagon jumper. I bet she owns a Pink Yankee hat.

I can totally see it happening. 500 years down the road when the Knicks are a good team (never happening but you have to give all those easty people from NY that turned themselves into Celtics fans when KG came to town a reason to live) there will be Mattie 70 years old talking about her days as a New Yorker wearing that pink Knick hat….

(Sarcasm Bob saracms)


2 Responses to “Mattie Larsons bandwagon addiction”

  1. Bob Says:

    what’s saracms?

  2. DD Says:

    Rumor is she might come to Alicia’s gym. I hate Yankee fans. Say no to Boston Mattie.

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