Top 151 Floor routines of all time

Gymnasticstop151 had decided to make a list of the top 151 floor routines of all time.

He is down to number 51 so far. I am on my way to watch the list and see if I agree:)

Okay so here are my comments so far I had such high hopes for this before I started following it.

Number 80 is in-correct. Roza wasn’t on floor Dina was when Strug vaulted and the crowd was not obnoxious.

Number 83- She never beat Miller. I LMAO when people try and justify choker as a great American gymnast. If she had beaten Miller head to head when Miller didn’t make a mistake we would talk but she NEVER did. Only time she beat Miller in an AA competition was when Miller fell.

Number 121- NO, no, no. No Piskun on any top floor routine list.


4 Responses to “Top 151 Floor routines of all time”

  1. FUSF Says:

    This is one fucked up list. He likes the worst fucking floor routines. He called Moceanu epic according to someone at ig.lmao What a loser

  2. gymtruthteller Says:


  3. DD Says:

    I concur with both of you. Yuck.

  4. Sarah! Says:

    I concur with everybody – especially about anything Moceanu did being called “epic.” The only thing that’s epic about Moceanu is her mouth.

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