IG Forum bans God

Look there Sarah I capitalized God for YOU:)

God was banned from the IG message board and our buddy we haven’t seen in awhile Sarah has written a blog about it. Here is the link

I would so start a message board if I thought anyone would post at it. It would be just like GGMB before Abomb took over only without the swearing so kids could enjoy the board too. They could also learn what the world of gymnastics used to be like when free speech existed and you could think Nastia Liukin was a rude little twit without fear of Nastia fans crusifying you at the stake. Oh well maybe this board wouldn’t be for children:)



2 Responses to “IG Forum bans God”

  1. Sarah! Says:

    It’s true – God can’t get a break!

    As to your board idea, I like it, and who cares if there are kids there? As long as it is relatively clean, it’ll be good for them to learn some of the horrifying facts of life, such as Nastia has many fans, Alicia won the WC vault title, etc.

    Kids have to get used to living in this strange world, so a board with TRUE freedom of speech is a good idea. You should start it if you think you have time to mess with it, cause there would probably be a lot of work involved. The IG board is getting . . . stiff. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians, as they say.


  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I will think about it when my life slows down and my internet stays consistent (looong story.lol)

    I wish there was a place like that now.

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