Alicia one medal away from 9th world medal

Alicia won the Gold medal on vault this morning and has a Rebecca Bross chance of winning beam tomorrow (meaning win be default because all the real workers fall due to having difficult skills in their routine AKA Rebecca’s Bross’s bronze UB medal today) so my question is do we really want Alicia Sacramone to be the most decorated World medalist in US history?

The positive is if she wins a medal on beam it will be her third different medal. The bad news is she is a freaking specialist that if this was a real worlds wouldn’t even be in a beam final. The lack of US gymnasts not headed for College made the US team the worst since 06. Alicia would have a hard time making the US team if she had real competition. Okay so she still might have made the team for vault but she never would have been in the beam final.

Alicia is a great gymnast but having her as the most decorated is armageddon. It would be like calling Sarah Hughes the best figure skater because she won a gold medal in 02 (one she didn’t deserve)

p.s.- I’ll do an event final wrap up tomorrow. He fell, the other chinese gymnast fell and Beth Tweddle was first, Aliya second, Bross third and Bridget 4th)



5 Responses to “Alicia one medal away from 9th world medal”

  1. PolyisTCOandbanned Says:

    She has a chance if some of the other gymnasts fall or have subpar days. She was almost as good as Nastia and Shawn (and Chelsie) back in 2008ish. Just a tenth or so worse and got iced out of EF evven though in top 8. Let her have her shot. Everyone who is in the top 8 has a shot, not just the first 3.

  2. PolyisTCOandbanned Says:

    And we needed her score for the team for beam for team. Would you rather have had Macko/ttie up there?

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    Wait till she gets floor back…..just wait it’s only a matter of time

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    exgymgurl, She will get her floor bsck but teh question will be will Marta trust her if someone else is close to her?

    Poly I said we needed her this year because of the other gymnasts we had on the team.

    Everyone loves Alicia but I find her overrated in general except vault. Where she has good form I just think she will be passed by someone better by 2012

  5. PolyisTCOandbanned Says:

    Agreed on Asac. 2012 will be very competetive. We could have SJ, Nast, Asac, Raisman (potentially improved, I’m thinking she might still have capacity), Weiber, Bross, Maroney, etc. Asacs strengths match areas where the team may have overlap. Only a bars specialist really has a special “in”. that said, I sure as heck want her in the mix. If she doesn’t make it, then it’s because we are so strong overall!

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