Nastia bad mouths He Kexin

Nastia just made the comments that He Kexin isn’t a great gymnast because she doesn’t do the AA. (On the gym show on universal sports)

WOW, I knew the bitch was a cocky shit head but to come out and make a comment like this is just even beyond anything she has ever done. Well calling Chellsie fat was more obnoxious.

I know I can’t stand Nastia so most everything she does makes me want to smack her but this was just uncalled for. It was bad enough when she treated Chellsie like shit for beating her in 05 or for treating Shawn like shit because she beat her in 07. Then when she said she was continuing because she wanted to beat Shannon Miller’s total record for worlds I rolled my eyes but this just proves the fucking little bitch needs to be taken out. No I don’t want to literally take her but she needs to be called out.

PLEASE come back to gymnastics Nastia. Use your d score on bars to make another team you didn’t deserve to be on so I can watch you fall on your ass. There is no way you are making the 2012 team as an AA so pretty soon you will be eating your own words.


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18 Responses to “Nastia bad mouths He Kexin”

  1. your mother Says:

    you are a hateful little shit yourself.

  2. lala Says:

    umm, she didn’t say anything we all already didn’t know. Get those panties out of that knot, Nastia is the AA champ

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    I am a truthteller. The truth is she insulted her own BFF Making those comments.

    My panties are not in a knot. She didn’t beat me for the AA title. What she did was win an AA by default because she had one big difficulty score on one event. Other wise she was off the podium.

    The real bitter person here is Nastia who hates on anyone that beats her. She can’t handle Shawn, Chellsie or He kicking her ass regardless of it being sport or just fame.

  4. Gia Says:

    I used to love Nastia but her bad attitude sucks. I hope she stays retired.

  5. PolyisTCOandbanned Says:

    I think you are trying to rake up new drama, now. It wasn’t that bad. Besides, she’s not a rocket scientist and was just babbling for the camera.

  6. Anon Says:

    Umm, could u give me a link to the interview, i havent seen it.. and i dint know she called chellsie fat.. wow such a bad ass

  7. gymtruthteller Says:

    There is no link. Everyone knows about this but they make excuses for Nastia because she was a teenager blah, blah, blah

    Tco hun this is a blog I give my opinion. Nastia is not a very smart person and she needs to stop insulting people who beat her.

  8. Anon Says:

    When did Nastia call Chellsie fat? I remember in Melbourne when Nastia had a major pole up her ass the day after the AA and Sac and Chellsie basically told her to get over it and Valeri lost his shit.

  9. gymtruthteller Says:

    She called her fat after Chellsie beat her and told her she stole her aa gold medal.

    There was still some tension in 08 which is why Alicia roomed with Chellsie to smooth things over.

    Nastia has issues with anyone that beats her.

  10. Exgymgurl Says:

    Alicia roomed with Sam, Bridget roomed with chellsie in 08 in Beijing Nastia roomed with shawn

  11. Sarah! Says:

    ALL of this is sooooo true. And as for Nastia and Shannon, Nastia will NEVER

  12. Sarah! Says:

    I hit a wrong key by accident and fucked up and sent that before I was done.

    Nastia will NEVER be fit to untie Shannon’s hand grips. Nastia could win 100 medals and she wouldn’t be close to Shannon’s beauty and grace and near-perfection.

    It’s really important for me that Nastia keep her ass out of gymnastics and keep being a celebrity or whatever she is, because I don’t watch TV, so I won’t ever have to see her.


  13. gymtruthteller Says:

    08 Trials not Olympics. It could have been Nationals but I remember Alicia talking about it in an interview.

    Sarah. I hope she stays retired to but she is to much of a publicity whore to save us all from her big fat mouth

  14. PolyisTCOandbanned Says:

    She looked pretty good, swinging pipe. Just saying…

    If she can help the team score, so be it. I want to beat the Soviets and Chicoms.

  15. PolyisTCOandbanned Says:

    I just need the code whored, overscored bars routine. I disagree with both the code and her not getting hammered, but as long as that is how judges, judge, may as well use her so USA wins.

  16. DD Says:

    Hey don’t go away mad just go away. IG message board, Gym Gossip Message board and the all around forum have all confirmed this happened. This story has been told for years. Nastia does have issues like GTT said. You calling her names just makes yourself look stupid.

    I read a lot of blogs and I always find it amusing when people come there to say stuff like hey did. Every time someone like you acts the way you do I feel sorry for myself because the US is going to hell when idiots like you start running this Country. Like Obama hasn’t ruined this Country enough already.

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