Who wins the AA?

The men and women’s AA both happen tomorrow (10 am eastern time for the men and 1.30 for the women I think) and while I don’t do predicitions it is pretty safe to assume that if Aliya Mustafina doesn’t fall she wins this thing hands down. She probably has a one fall cushion over Rebecca Bross.

Others in the running are JYY, Aly Raisman, Lauren Mitchell from Austrailia, Ana Porgras from Romania and Qiushuang Huang, Tatiana Nabieva has an outside shot if everyone falls. Same with the other Romanian whoese name escapes me at the moment.

I would personally like to see Mustafina win not because I don’t see her bad form and horrible pre flight on her Amanar but because she has been a rock so far at Worlds. It would totally suck for anyone to own worlds and not come out on top in the big AA event.

Rebecca Bross has been great so far competing with an injury but I personally don’t want her to win another AA medal. Frankly her gymnasts makes me cry inside.

So If I could chose an AA I would like it would be as follows

1st Aliya Mustafina
2- JYY
3- Aly Raisman

but I really see Rebecca Bross taking second.


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4 Responses to “Who wins the AA?”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    I don’t see Bross even placing in this event or Raisman …. I think Bross falls and maybe gets a bronze I think the international judges are sick of her chunky monkey chipmunk cheek gymnastics no way is she even close to AA gold in London. I think Valeri needs to find a new protege ….Ali raisman is cute but probably not a world champion…

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I don’t see Aly winning a medal either but I hope she throws her Amanar. I want her to do well because she is so nitpicked to death by the fans. It was like 2006. Jana winning an AA medal totally freaked out GGMB.lol It was fun to see them all go crazy.
    I can’t root for Bross to fall but I would love to see her off the podium.

  3. Exgymgurl Says:

    Hey I don’t want people to fall either I just think bross probably will. I think Ali should throw her amanar and whatever she can. I think you are right about Jana same when chellsie or even bridget Sloan won people freaked

  4. betty Says:

    aly is a monster. she’s twice as strong as the rest of the field. smart, beautiful, sweet. watch out for her

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