Ten little Indians

exgymgurl got me thinking in the above link.

She made a comment on my blog about the other coaches talking Marta into using Mattie Larson in team finals.

See and now Marta has a reason to keep Mattie Larson off the 2012 team… Mission accomplished “other coaches” looking out for their gymnasts to be one of the six.

What a great conspiracy idea I should have thought of. What if all these coaches talking Marta into using Mattie for team finals did it because they new she would choke (Hell I knew she would choke. Didn’t you?) Whomever these “coaches” were they have now made sure Mattie Larson will never make another world or Olympic team. Mission accomplished. One down. So many to go…….

(Wink wink)

The real question is who is next:):):):)



One Response to “Ten little Indians”

  1. Exgymgurl Says:

    Same coaches that kept telling Vanessa Atler to keep competing bars they knew she was a bars still remember the parkettes coaches telling Vanessa shed beaten her bars demons on NBC why say that? Why not just say good job? not a conspiracy it’s big$$ in the U S to have Olympic gymnasts come from your gym, it’s competition there’s a lot at stake…

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