Cassie Whitcomb and her mom don’t want you to be her fan

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A little birdy told me that Cindy Whitcomb has recently forced facebook to close two different fan pages dedicated to Cassie.

Apparently Cassie and her mother have decided that they don’t want anyone to be fans.

This blog has always been very supportive of Cassie due to the fact Marta has screwed her left and right out of world teams. All Cassie does is go to camp, hit and win or place on floor and bars but she gets left off the team for whatever reason Marta has against her.

MLT never comes out and complains but I could tell by the look on her face at Nationals after Cassie hit floor she was disgusted with the scoring but Mary Lee always plays the good soldier. Doesn’t matter if it is agreeing to let Jaycie Phelps and Amanda Borden lead off at the Olympics in 1996 even though they would have no chance at making the event finals (even though Jaycie was second at Nationals in the AA that year) or not saying a word when Cassie hits at all the camps but doesn’t even get a alternate spot on the World team. MLT stays classy. If I was her I would get mad and tell Marta off.

I really don’t know if the little birdy that told me this story is telling the truth or not. I do know that there was a fan page for Cassie on facebook but it doesn’t exist anymore. (Little birdy was the name of the person who left me a message and asked me to write a blog so I did. Little Birdy said she was told Cindy Whitcomb had both pages closed)


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6 Responses to “Cassie Whitcomb and her mom don’t want you to be her fan”

  1. PolyisTCOandbanned Says:

    Whit is a bubble girl and needs to earn her spot. There is room for a bars specialist and if she nails it, Marta will take her. Same as with Beiger in 2008. Jana had beaten the Karolyis into support for her, but then crumbled with the pressure on her. Whit needs to get it done. Just like Jana and Ivana needed to in 2008. Zam should have been in there fighting for her spot as well.

    Stop the Marta hate. The girls need to compete for spots and the USA needs to take the best team to score the most points.

  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    I will never stop the Marta Sorry she isn’t fair and she never will be.

  3. Frenchie Says:

    I’ve never heard the name “MLT” and “classy” in the same sentence. You have to be kidding me. Cassie’s repeated injuries are what will keep her off the world team, not Marta.

  4. gymtruthteller Says:

    Frenchie. I have no issues with MLT. She doesn’t seem as bad as people want her to be. A lot of people hate her because of her relisious beliefs. I don’t agree with her but that doesn’t mean I have to hate her.

  5. Mary Stevens Says:

    The mom(Cindy) is the biggest problem! Always has been! She lives her life through her kid (Cassie). To bad she’s had to resort to retiring from elite to going back to L10. Poor thing! Some day I hope Cassie wakes up and sees that her mom has always been her problem. Watch out if your kid beats her at any meet! Cindy doesn’t sit to well with this!

  6. Suzy Q Says:

    Im not sure who posted this but these allegations are untrue about Cindy closing FB pages. Also not true we dont appreciate fans. Cindy has always supported cassie’s decisions even to the point that she allowed Cass to make the decision to go L10. Mary is off base as it was MLT that forced Cass out. Thats right, MLT did it…her Mom didnt even know. And, furthermore, Cindy always supported cass teammates and always cheered every kid on Natl Team on no matter what. Those who posted this crap obviously dont know the family. It was MLT and her gym and her teammates that didnt support her and forced her out. Thank God they are both happy now having moved on with their lives, leaving the elite world behind that wasnt so nice to them with rumors and jealous disgusting lies such as these.

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