Gabrille Dougles stolen from her gym

That’s right you heard it here second(I stole it from Aunt Joyce:) According to Aunt Joyce Gabrielle left her gym because Kelli Hill stole her away. No wonder Skating people hide their SP and LP’s. Kelli Hill is the scum of the earth and I told you before her nice act was just that, an act. If this actually happens we will see.

gabby douglas left excaliber and is looking for other gyms. Where do you think she will go…… or how many days will it be before she ends up being coached by Kellli Hill?

She will go to Kelli. I think they have to wait to announce things but Kelli was VERY interested in her at Nationals. My friend (a gymnast’s mom from region 7) was watching Kelli because she has a ton of respect for her. She noticed that Kelli was watching Gabrielle Douglas like a hawk. This is a smart move as Excalibur is good for getting someone an NCAA scholarship, but they have no clue about the form, technique and refinement it takes to make an Olympic Team. Gabrielle has similar physical attributes to a young Dominique Dawes. She is light, quick, dynamic, quick twitch muscle fibers, powerful and she has the added advantage of being stylish with good toe point. Kelli can’t give up the sport just yet and she has another two years in her.


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4 Responses to “Gabrille Dougles stolen from her gym”

  1. Bela Says:

    Or it’s because her dad is military. Good try with the drama though.

  2. j-lo Says:

    i heard she was leaving because her dad is in the military and is being moved elsewhere…

  3. gymtruthteller Says:

    Learn to read. This is Aunt Joyce’s info. Go whine to him. If she ends up at Hills then spare me the “drama” of Hilll not being involved in this. Scoping another gymnast is just white trash.

  4. Look what Shawn and Nastia started! « Elite Gymnastics Stars Says:

    […] I was over at the blog, Gymtruthteller, whose writer I consider an online peer of sorts, because she’s one of the few people in the gym world who will say (write) what’s on her mind, and fuck whoever doesn’t like it.  Good for her.  So she has a post about Kelli Hill stealing 14-year-old gymnast Gabrielle Douglas. […]

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