Celebrating a cheater

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Some people call this baseball. Some people call this cheating. Some people say its part of the game and some people will defend cheaters if they wear pin strips but if it isn’t against the rules then can you really call it cheating?

While it isn’t against the rules to lie and fake an injury so you can get a free pass to first base it still questions the integrity of a person that thinks it is an acceptable way to win a game. I just wonder what would have happened if someone not wearing pinstripes had done this. Would they be given the free pass cheater Jeter was given?

Cheating in the sport of gymnastics has been going on for years. It doesn’t matter if a gymnast/coach is lying about their age or faking an injury to compete in an AA they did not earn . Cheating is cheating so why is it allowed to go on?

Recently Reggie Bush was told to either give up his Heisman Trophy or it would be stripped so he gave it up (He took money as a College athlete when that is against the rules) Instead of giving that award to the second place finisher Vince Young the Heisman committee has decided to leave the award empty of a winner.

Just like the FIG did in 1991 when Kim Gwang Suk won the World title on bars but was later found out to be underage. Instead of giving the medals to Shannon Miller and Tatiana Gutsu they left the medal empty.

Yet in 2000 when a Chinese gymnast was found under age they took away the entire teams medal and gave them to the fourth place finisher. At that same Olympics in 2000 Andreea Raducan tested positive for a banned substance and was stripped of her AA Gold medal. She also tested positive during the team competition and vault competition but was allowed to keep those medals and so was the Romanian team. So why is it that the IOC has two sets of rules for the same sport. One for the Romanians who got to keep their medals but not the Chinese who lost their medals?

All the above examples are considered cheating but because each sport has their own rules (and in the gymnastics the FIG and IOC each have their own different rules) each has a different outcome to the said crime.

I guess no one should be faulting the underage Chinese when the professional athlete is doing the same thing while the world makes excuses for him

The FIG should just scrap having rules and all since they never follow them anyway. Alicia, Marion and company should all be banned from competing again this year. I guarantee you that this would never happen again if they were. Looks like Alicia has already made the world team anyway. Why is she even at camp?


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4 Responses to “Celebrating a cheater”

  1. Sarah! Says:

    I say NO RULES. There’s no point in having rules when you have human beings involved. I visualize Bela and Marta in years past sitting around the office each time new FIG rules came out, and saying, “Okay, let’s see what rules we have to figure out a way to bend or break this time around.”

    And most other coaches. (Except Tom Forester, and you see where being honest got him and his menagerie.)

    Make it like the gladiator days. If somebody thinks the Chinese are cheating and if they have the balls, let them go over there and start shooting them. Then run like hell when the Chinese start firing back. Before you know it, there would be a war. Fine. Let the competitors work it out amongst themselves.


  2. gymtruthteller Says:

    LOL Sarah I love it. You should run the IOC and FIG.lol

  3. Stoi! Says:

    The FIG have actually been entirely consistent in the way they’ve dealt with underage gymnasts. They have only ever taken action when gymnasts have had different dates of birth at competitions. They always ignore confessions. That’s the reason why the Chinese in 2000 were treated differently to the Romanians in 1996. Because Romania had the paperwork in order, China didn’t.

    I do agree that Gutsu and Miller in 1993 got screwed though.

  4. Stoi! Says:

    1991, even.

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