How is Dominique Dawes in the International Hall of Fame of gymnastics?

Here are your members of the International Hall of Fame of gymnastics. See anyone missing?

The biggest name has to be Svetlana Khorkina . She has 28 medals overall and owned the Uneven bars through 3 Olympics.

Then you have Lavinia Miloşovici (as annoying as she is) she has 18? Olympics/World medals. Sure half of them can be debated but…

Don’t forget Gina Gogean. Her stoic look and code whored routines are nit picked ad nauseum but she has 20 Olympic medals overall. So my question is why are none of these gymnasts in the Hall of Fame but Dominique Dawes is?

Maybe Dominique Dawes belongs in the Hall of Fame. I’ll leave that up to you. She is a 3 time Olympian (so is Khorkina) but in only one Olympics did she win an individual medal. The other two she was just part of the team (In 92) and only on the team because Bela wanted two Olympians to go with the new group of head cases.(00) but with a total of 8 medals at Worlds and the Olympics she hardly deserves to be in the Hall of fame especially ahead of 3 gymnasts that beat her time and time again.

Who is next for the Hall of Fame? Dominique Moceanu? You can’t even debate her being in the Hall of Fame she just shouldn’t be.


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