Nastia withdraw’s her name from consideration for world team.

No Nastia

I am glad she came to her senses and decided to not compete and I must say I am proud that her camp made this decision on their own. We all know Marta never would have done the right thing and left her home. There have been rumblings for a week now that she was having a really hard time getting through training. She was still not hitting her bar set and her beam was a mess only two weeks ago.

I also was told that this was not entirely her decision to not try for Worlds. Her father sat her down and told her that she wasn’t putting in the effort to win and that she wasn’t ready to compete. (Confirmed hours later by IG2. )I must say I have a new respect for Valeri if this is true.

Nastia says this does not mean retired but she is taking a break. Good for her she deserves a break. Now she can enjoy the money she has earned and the US can get back to sending deserving athletes to Worlds instead of Nastia for what she accomplished last year.

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