Gymnastics blog review- Updated 9-6-09

The best gymnastics blog has closed ( Triple Full) and I was beginning to think that there weren’t any decent blogs out there anymore (except mine of course:) Now if you want 100% honesty and no bias then stop here at my blog. I will hold NO punches but if you are looking for a Blog about Gymnastics done in a much nice way then me then look no further then these blogs:

The Gold Medal goes to:

GymNICEtics She posts quite a bit and so far I have not seen a ounce of bias coming from the site.

The Silver medal goes to:

Live. Breath. Gymnastics She/He updates the blog a lot and while there is some lovey dovey posts there doesn’t seem to be much bias going on “yet”

And the Bronze medal goes to:

NO ONE. The rest of the blogs out there have some heavy bias ass kissing going on and I hate that.

Honorable mention goes to these blogs. While these blogs have heavy Nastia ass kissing I couldn’t over look that the blogs are well done overall and updated semi often.

Gymnastics coaching Uniquely done but I sense a little bias going on…

The Couch Gymnast Cute name but way too much Nastia ass kissing to get my bronze medal.

The C score Hasn’t been updated in a while but she says she will be back. I used to love this blog until it’s recent posts.


I found two new decent blogs.

The Examiner

and the other is the Gym Blog

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2 Responses to “Gymnastics blog review- Updated 9-6-09”

  1. gymnicetic Says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. Gymnastic blogs « GymNiceTic Says:

    […] Gymtruthteller – The title of the blog describes exactly the bloggers way of writing about gymnastics: “I have an opinion and I am not afraid to use it. If you don’t like that don’t read my blog. (About)” or “…if you want 100% honesty and no bias then stop here at my blog. I will hold NO punche… […]

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