Horton easily wins Nationals. Sender sinks

Jonathon Horton easily won the US Men’s National title tonight by 3 points despite falling twice over two nights. With David Sender falling on 5 of his 6 events(eventually ending up in 10th place) Horton didn’t even need to break a sweat to beat second place Tim McNeill and 3rd place Wes Haagensen.

Olympian Joseph Hagerty finished 8th ahead of vault / floor specialist Steve Legendre. Junior Champion John Orozco finished 11th. Other notables are Guillermo Alvarez finishing 17th.

Other random opinions.

: John Orozco is a great talent. Lots of potential at this meet. If it wasn’t for a disastrous pommel horse he would have finished in the top 8. Amazing for a 16 year old.

: Tim Daggett is a much better men’s announcer then a women’s announcer. Even Elfi was kind of funny tonight

: Danell Leyva’s dad needs to stay away from the caffeine. He was WAY over the top and it annoyed the heck out of me until I saw his dad kiss him on the head. Aww men don’t do that in public. So now I like him. Tim made a big deal about him being so loud but he is no worse then Steve Nunno in his day and Steve never got the team any deductions. Still over the top.

: Kyle Bunthuwong ended up in 4th place and was lucky to be shown twice tonight. Bad job Universal sports.

: About time Wesley Haagensen. I have been waiting 4 years for you to live up to the potential. Nice to see you getting 3rd.

:Kyson Bunthuwong finished 12th. Brother to Kyle shouldn’t worry though. He has the much better first name.

: It’s to bad our best pommel horser’s ( my new word)aren’t any good at any other events. Kit Beikmann and Daniel Ribiero need to work at their other events.

: Some of these execution scores were way to high. I can’t say anything bad about Jonathon Horton but a 9.500 execution score on his vault?

: You have to feel bad for David Sender. He wanted to win Nationals and then leave the sport as an extra FU to usa-gymnastics and the way it has treated him over the years but he couldn’t even screw them over right. Poor David. Good luck at school.

: Steve Penny seems like a likable guy but his comments about finishing on the podium being good enough for him were not well thought out. I kind of got the impression he didn’t mean to say it the way he did.

:Alicia Sacramone was interviewed tonight and she is coming back for next year. She said she didn’t like the way she ended her career at the Olympics. True she tanked the Olympics compared to what she did even the year before but she should remember how injured she was.

: Daggett again made a comment about no one sticking their landings. It was funny when he said that because I was thinking something a little different. While they weren’t sticking their dismounts they at least were trying to stick them. The women don’t even try to do that anymore. IMO men’s gymnastics is going in the right direction. Women’s is not.

Until next time….

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