2014 World Championships Podium Training


Live Fig Results


Videos will here here Right now they have the US Men.

Starts tomorrow at 6 am. I will be working so if anyone wants to send info on how people looked I would appreciate it. If you could pay attention to the order they go up that would be great so we can see what the line ups might be like.

Chinese team training

Speaking of people not at Worlds Ebee’s first week at Stanford.

Ebee likes math. She is the anti girl the media leads us to believe exists. Oh and I lead you to believe the same thing because I hate math with a passion.

When I was growing up we had to write everything out. Show your work said my idiotic math teaaching coach of the football team. By the time my nephew was growing up he needed a calculator to bring to every class. Now my newest baby nieces and nephews are doing something called common core which makes no damn sense. How do you get to ten using an 8 and a 5? you take 2 from the 5 and that makes it ten. UM HELLO. Why the HELL do you take 2 from the 5? why the hell can’t you take 3? I am starting to think maybe China is the one that created this new way of doing math so we stay far down in the rankings.

See you in 2015



The Red Sox season pretty much ended in May and it ended for me with the last 3 games vs Tampa because there was no way in hell I was sitting through any of the Jeter love fest that has been going on in Boston the last few days (apparently RedSox fans forget how Jeter acted in 2003 when the idiot was seen running and laughing around the dug out declaring the “curse is coming” over and over again ) Maybe “Classy? means different things to different people but the point of this blog is to tell the haters they can suck it. Yep, suck it. Suck that guitar Bernie Williams. Suck those duckboat boots LL Bean and most of all suck on your retirement cheater Jeter because I have a list of un-classy things you have done over the last twenty years and I am not afraid to use them:)

Okay so back to the Red Sox and their sucky season of overrated phenoms that didn’t produce, veterans that didn’
t earn their money and adorable albeit injury prone outfielders pictured above that spent nearly the entire season on the DL I have one message for the haters, WE WILL BE BACK and heck, it can’t get much worse :)

P.S. GO SF Giants and my new motto this year is, Anyone but the Orioles :)

If anyone cares this is what I want. I DON’T Make predictions but in order prevent a complete melt down from me (even if some of you like my melt downs) this is how the post season must go but in all honesty as long as the Orioles lose in the FIRST round I can handle anything. Even the Dodgers winning though I would prefer Carl Crawford be benched at the time or maybe dead?

Wild Card:

Royals over A’s
Giants over Pirates


Tigers over evil Orioles
Cardinals over Dodgers
A’s/Royals over Angels
Wild card over Nationals


Tigers over whom ever/ everyone over Orioles
SF Giants over Dodgers/Cardinals/Nationals

WINNER- SF GIANTS over whomever
(Just for Case) Tigers over anyone but the Giants


I will be posting something for the podium training for the women in a few days. Discuss anything you want here in the mean time but one word to the advice if you want to post a love fest to Jeter I wouldn’t if I was you :)

Komeback Katelyn?


Look who is back in the gym (Thanks Brittany for the info)

Now don’t get too excited just yet this could be for College and she needs to get in shape but maybe just maybe we will have some real competition for next season even if it is from a Woga-ette which we all know means OVERSCORING

This is from Katelyn Instagram.

In celebration of this crazy sport that I can’t even begin to describe. Getting back has been one long, hard journey, but it feels good to be back. #HappyNationalGymnasticsDay

P.S.- I know how to spell comeback. This is a play on words :)


Russia changes team again. This blog is all kinds of awesome for news on Russia in English. (Thanks Ilanchik20)

The 2014 World team is


Brenna is non traveling alternate. Discuss

Desch being near this team is a joke.


Camp info


Congrats to the USA World Team! Congrats to Amelia for hitting 6 for 6 and doing her absolute BEST! Great Job Meels!!!!!

Because Beth Tweddle should rule the world


Its Beth Tweddle day at GTT. Here is some recent stuff on Beth and what is more fun then listening to the British talk?

Come to think of it I should have done a retirement blog for Beth like I did for Jiang. I will forever be grateful that I got to see Beth perform live at the 2003 worlds and I still think she should have won that Gold medal on bars.

Beth Tweddle MBE, Doctor of Science, University of Chester

Beth talks about Worlds

Why I titled this blog Beth Tweddle rules the world

Gymnastics Blogging Blues



I am in the middle of what I like to call, Gymnastics blogging Blues. I am out of any idea’s and how boring is
news reporting?

SOMEONE owes me a blog that they said they would send LAST Sunday ( not mentioning names but you know who you are:)

So i created this beam. Then I stole the gymnast (who is really a ballerina) from some other blog (sorry I lost the link) and voila. Bad paint job. ( If I ever created a production company I am naming it Bad paint job)

Entertain me (Tuesday night)



I have to work tomorrow night and will be stuck in a box. Okay so it isn’t exactly a box per say but it might as well be so lets discuss a few things to help get me (and everyone else in this city) through the night alive.

Post your favorite gymnastics videos of all time. What’s your fave vault, bars, beam and floor.

Tell me who you would put on the 2014 World team and what will the line up look like.

Who do you think should have won the 84, 88 and 92 Olympic AA’s?

Do you think Simone has a chance of being the World AA Champion 3 years in a row? ( I know lets not jinx number 2 first)

What would you give Kyla Ross for upgrades on bars, beam and floor?

Do you think Marta will put Mykayla Skinner on the world team or should she beg Ebee Price to come out of retirement?

Can anyone compete with Simone for the 2014 AA Gold medal (Aliya? Larisa? Yao?)

Feel free to add your questions and please Save my Sanity tomorrow night. You will be doing the public a service:)

While I was Sleeping…. Gymnastics happened


Romanian Nationals took place and look, my girl Andreea Iridon STAYED on the Uneven bars. Sorry this just made my day. Look at this kid keep her legs together and hit her handstands. She’s even becoming a beamer. She turns senior next year people, watch out.

All Around Results

1. Larisa Iordache 14.975 14.050 15.150 15.475 59.650
2. Ștefania Stănilă 14.375 13.025 14.050 14.350 55.800
3. Andreea Iridon 12.500 14.200 14.375 14.025 55.100
4. Jonna Adlerteg Sweden 13.425 13.275 13.950 13.875 54.525
5. Kim Singmuang Sweden 13.575 13.925 13.300 13.375 54.175
6. Paula Tudorache 12.550 13.150 14.225 14.100 54.025
7. Ana Maria Ocolișan 14.725 13.500 12.325 13.225 53.775
8. Andra Stoica 13.450 11.575 14.525 13.950 53.500
9. Emanuela Pârva 13.200 13.475 13.625 12.575 52.875
10. Andreea Ciurusniuc 13.250 13.425 13.075 11.800 51.550
11. Ștefania Orzu 13.075 11.875 11.400 12.875 49.225
12. Tzuf Feldon Israel 13.100 10.075 13.450 12.325 48.950


Pan Am Games

Team Results
All Around Results
Event Final Results

Vault Finals:

1. Skinner (USA) 15.037 ( 6.40 15.200 5.80 14.875 )
2. Ferrera (CUB) 14.400 ( 6.20 14.150 6.00 14.650 )
3. Torres (CUB) 14.112 ( 5.80 14.375 5.30 13.850 )
4. Chant (CAN) 13.962 ( 5.20 13.975 5.40 13.950 )
5. Cruz (BRA) 13.887 ( 5.30 14.325 5.00 13.450 )
6. Mejias (PUR) 13.812 ( 4.80 13.025 6.00 14.600 )
7. Morena MEX 13.450 ( 6.20 13.450 6.00 13.450 )
8. Vazquez (PUR) 13.000 ( 5.40 13.825 5.80 12.175 )

Uneven Bars

1. Locklear (USA) 14.975
2. Kocian (USA) 14.825
3. Sandoval Perez (MEX) 13.100
4. Costa (BRA) 13.075
5. Morena (MEX) 13.025
6. Sandoval (COL) 12.675
7. Lopez (VEN) 12.175
8. Cruz (BRA) 11.075


1. Gomez (GUA) 14.450
2. Lopez (VEN) 14.100
3. Kim Sinmon (BRA) 14.000
4. Kocian (USA) 13.825
4. Ferrera (CUB) 13.825
6. Tarabini (ARG) 13.550
7. Skinner (USA) 13.475
8. Hypolito (BRA) 12.725

1. Skinner (USA) 14.750
2. Lopez (VEN) 14.475
3. Ferrera (CUB) 14.400
4. Hypolito (BRA) 14.000
5. Cruz (BRA) 13.250
6. Desch (USA) 12.900
7. Torres (MEX) 11.550
8. Galera (ARG) 10.700


Russia Cup


All Around Results

1. Aliya Mustafina 14.833 15.400 14.600 14.300 59.133
2. Maria Kharenkova 14.100 13.867 16.200 13.667 57.834
3. Daria Spiridonova 13.833 15.033 14.233 13.700 56.799
4. Alla Sosnitskaya 14.533 13.833 14.033 14.033 56.432
5. Yekaterina Kramarenko 13.900 14.667 13.600 13.367 55.534
6. Daria Yelizarova 13.700 13.633 13.633 14.467 55.433
7. Tatiana Nabiyeva 14.267 14.533 13.367 12.667 54.834
8. Olga Bikmurzina 13.533 13.300 13.733 13.700 54.266
9. Polina Fyodorova 13.600 11.533 14.400 14.167 53.700
10. Liliya Akhaimov 14.133 12.500 13.167 13.767 53.567
11. Alla Sidorenko 13.333 13.367 13.133 13.300 53.133
12. Anastasia Cheong 13.800 11.033 13.667 13.533 52.033
13. Alexandra Yazydzhyan 13.533 12.600 11.667 13.367 51.167
14. Kristina Kruglikova 13.700 11.267 12.900 12.800 50.667
15. Lina Akhmetshina 13.133 10.000 11.567 11.800 46.500
16. Yelena Scherbakova 12.700 10.333 12.533 10.400 45.966
17. Natalia Medvedeva 13.033 9.467 11.067 12.367 45.934
18. Arina Nedovesova 11.800 10.567 11.367 12.067 45.801
19. Valeria Golenischeva 10.267 9.133 11.867 12.000 43.267

Event Finals:


1. Alla Sosnitskaya 5.8 8.800 14.600 14.534
5.6 8.867 14.467
2. Tatiana Nabiyeva 5.8 8.900 14.700 14.317
5.2 8.733 13.933
3. Maria Paseka 6.3 7.867 0.3 13.867 14.117
5.6 8.767 14.367
4. Lilia Akhaimova 5.0 8.833 13.833 13.783
5.0 8.733 13.733
5. Kristina Kruglikova 5.0 8.733 13.733 13.683
4.8 8.833 13.633
6. Anastasia Cheong 5.0 8.333 0.1 13.233 13.350
4.6 8.867 13.467
7. Olga Bikmurzina 5.0 8.633 13.633 12.867
4.6 7.800 0.3 12.100
8. Anna Vanyushkina 4.4 8.333 12.733 12.600
4.0 8.467 12.467

Uneven Bars:

1. Viktoria Komova 6.5 8.867 15.367
2. Aliya Mustafina 6.3 8.967 15.267
3. Daria Spiridonova 6.4 8.533 14.933
4. Yekaterina Kramarenko 6.0 8.767 14.767
5. Tatiana Nabiyeva 6.0 8.200 14.200
6. Anna Rodionova 5.9 8.167 14.067
7. Alla Sosnitskay 5.8 8.133 13.933
8. Maria Kharenkov 5.7 8.033 13.733

Balance Beam:

1. Aliya Mustafina 6.6 8.967 15.567
2. Maria Kharenkova 6.4 8.433 14.833
3. Daria Spiridonova 5.8 8.133 13.933
4. Polina Fyodorova 5.7 8.167 13.867
5. Anastasia Cheong 5.7 7.700 13.400
6. Daria Yelizarov 5.3 7.400 12.600
7. Alla Sosnitskaya 5.4 7.067 12.467
8. Olga Bikmurzina Saransk 5.4 6.500 11.900

Floor :
1. Aliya Mustafina 5.7 9.000 14.700
2. Daria Yelizarov 5.6 8.400 14.000
3. Maria Kharenkova 5.7 8.333 13.933
4. Alla Sosnitskaya 5.7 8.033 13.633
5. Maria Paseka 5.4 8.033 13.433
6. Polina Fyodorova 5.4 8.033 13.433
7. Lilia Akhaimova St. 5.5 7.900 13.400
8. Olga Bikmurzina Saransk 5.2 7.600 12.700

The Mckayla Maroney blog


Shhh. Just pretend this isn’t the same blog with a new headline to make you think I actually wrote a new blog okay????

NO LINKS to any pictures please. PG duh

Back to Black. I don’t want to talk about it.


2014 US Nationals. Seniors Day 2 : LIVE Blogging




Simone wins with a fall but lets be real here she would have deserved it ten fold with 3 falls especially thanks to Kyla not having last years difficulty and falling twice.

Maggie placed third where she belonged period but the overscoring machine of the Woga gymnasts is a complete joke. I need a new thesaurus because I keep using the same word because the same things keep happening.

1. Biles 122.550, 2. Ross 118.300, 3. Nichols 117.900; 4. Baumann 116.100; 5. Skinner 115.450.

If this team is full of Woga gymnasts I hope they finish 8th.lol

Simone was athlete of the year. Her coach, coach of the eyar and Lexie Preissman Sportsperson of the year.

Simone won vault and floor. Kyla won beam and Locklear won bars.

National team

Biles, Ross, Nichols, Baumann, Skinner, Hundley, Dowell, Locklear, Kocian, Desch


The junior competition was won by an asterisk. ( Bailie Key was missing so does it really matter?)

Start Lists
Possible Video for tonight.
Quick Hits from Gymnastike
Live Scoring


Leotards for tonight from Inside Gymnastics


Rotation 4

Down goes Woga. The overscoring she has been getting makes me not care.

Right Captain obvious Nastia. She did not want to fall. Duh, duh, duh

Simone is too cute. How did she do that. I would fall off.

WHERE IS NICA????????????????????

Messy bar routine from Kocian but we never mention it because she is from Woga. 15.500 is Marta overscoring. Ashton has much better form if not great.

Bozo admitted he was thinking about the money he could get if he did well and that is why he choked so STOP acting like had a chance to beat anyone?

Walk into the view of that Camera Hog Zmeskal.

Way to throw that away Dowell.( 13.650) Nail the toughest part and fall apart for the rest.

The feed is ahead of the TV.

Skinner got a 14.2 on beam. Is that possible.

Simone on beam- Off beam. Two small bobbles but hell, she is human. Bobble on her 2 layouts. Almost nailed
dismount. Bobble on 2.5 turn. Probably should not deserve credit for it.

Ashton hit her bars. They are giving this to Kocian. What BS.

The Woga brigade bad mouth the Ashton routine due to bias.

Meals hit bars. No more leg stuff then anyone else NASTIA

2 small bobbles but nailed all her connections. (beam) Kyla (15.350)

Maggie has one issue on bars but before the mistake she looked great. After the form came apart a little.



Maggie- DTY- Missed it.

Kyla- Bars: ( 15.00)Small leg sep on pak but her Van Lewen was much better than usual. Nice routine.

Baumann- Piked messy DTY. Nastia needs glasses. 14.900 my ass. There was a huge leg separation to start. One to end with crossed legs and she was short and landed forward.

Typical bar routine from SKinner. Messy form. Can we please fire Nastia already.lol she is useless.

LMAO- Nastia just said she’s coached by Chow who coached Shawn Johnson to Olympic gold, ON BEAM. LMAO. This brought tears to my eyes.lol



No floor routine for Meals because we have to watch Simone stand around.

Kyla DTY- (15.250) Hit. Maybe a little short and a little form mess at start but it got better.

8 girls doing AA and we can’t see half of them.

Baumann’s triple form is as bad as Nastia’s and she walks through that routine she doesn’t dance.

Skinner- Piked Cheng. Nastia says she was too close to the vault and she would know. Her shit vault was
way closer)

The only good news I can come up with is Simone and Kyla will be the only girls around in 2 years from this group.

Kocian- OOB twice. Both feet first pass. I kind of like her floor sometimes but if you can’t hit you stay home.

Shut up Nastia I saw her stick better Amanars. Try paying attention.

Simone is the Queen. No doubt about it. Amazing Amanar. Maybe a bit piked at end.

Yes because Babe Ruth talk makes me want to watch this dribble.lol

Oh wait Babe Ruth was with the Sox when he hit.lol


Its 8.02 and video is not working. Its on now. So far only background news but hell that means no Nastia so I am all for it.

Nastia is dressed like her Grandmother. Why doesn’t someone make her hire a stylist?

Now a picture of the most overrated gymnasts of all time and we get Nastia’s voice too. (GAG ME)

Terin and Marta have the same glasses.lol


Simone on floor (15.500)(6.4)- Better than night one. Big jump on last pass but the rest was Simone being Simone.

Oh Tim smiles has nothing to do with gymnastics you fool.

Nastia just called Simone artistic.lol

Meals on beam: (14.01)Why beam? Her worst event. I missed beginning but she hit. She was short on some leaps and jumps so won’t be a great score.

Macy Toronjo on floor- She should own College gym in a few years. Pretty clean.

Nastia now claims Kim was her idol growing up.lol

Maggie Nichols( 14.750) – beam: Great routine for Maggie. She was short on one leap but the rest was great, for her.

Kyla Ross- (14.800) Floor: Took out the whip to Arabian. Step back on the double like. Nailed the double tuck. Good routine for Kyla.

Nastia pretty much just said she was glad Kyla fell.

Baumann- (15.150) beam. Tim just said her form puts her apart from everyone else as she crosses her feet and legs come apart.

Skinner- Floor: (15.100) Hit her floor. Bad leaps and jumps.

Simone interview.Gabby Aly interview coming up because seeing gymnastics would be so against the damn rules. (showing gym at a gym meet is like showing baseball on ESPN baseball. All we do is see interviews with Justin Verlander.



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