Youth Olympic Games prelims. FULL Broadcast

August 18, 2014

Its a shame Bailie isn’t here she would wipe the floor with this.

New Komova Video

August 16, 2014

She starts out fine but by the the last twenty seconds you can tell she is having a hard time making it through the entire routine. She has a few months so people shouldn’t count her out just yet. She looks noticeably taller as she should because she has to be at least 19 by now

Simone and Adria Biles

Nastia Mocks Shawn then deletes it

August 9, 2014


Need more proof Nastia is a bitch? Probably not since we all know this but Nastia put this on her facebook page and then deleted it minutes later.

If you click on the picture/screen cap it gets a little bigger.

For those like me who didn’t know what this meant Shawn wore a gold ribbon during the AA at the Olympics in 2008 and Nastia wore the pink scrunchie.

Lets pretend these girls are all still BFF’s because someone says they are. Nastia is clearly still very bitter that Shawn has all the fans and she is teaching spinning classes in New York but hey, there is always the NBC gig to brag about Nastia where you sound like an ignorant phony and come across as a snot. That is something to be proud of.

A suggestion to Future Gymnastics Montage makers

August 9, 2014

This would be a great song to use if you ever plan on making one for Nastia :)

(Look there is nothing gymnastics to talk about peeps)

I miss the Spin Doctors.

Nadia article

Shannon Miller saving the world one fat person at a time.

Chinese Nationals

August 5, 2014

One beautiful routine after another. This is how gymnastics should look. I just hope they aren’t peaking too early.

Bitterly Live Blogging the US Classic (Blame the Red Sox)

August 2, 2014

Senior Results
Junior Results
Videos article



(Gymnastike has quick hits)


Score: 15.700 (6.6, 9.1) How they got a 9.1 execution score with that form is beyond me but it looks like Marta likes her.


1064 hourly views at this blog during the live blogging. Crazy.

We can hear Tim and Amanda talk. lol I can’t hear it

So my thoughts

Everyone else stay home even with a fall Simone wins
Amanda gets MAAAD props for saying Kyla needs to upgrade.
Skinner- Give it up girl your form is a joke. Improvements my ass
Maggie stays on she might be on world team.
Simone is too damn cute. I love how genuine she is. I love how genuine Kyla is. I love how everyone gets along.
This team is so damn nice its BORING:)

DIE JOHN R DIE Everyone wants you to SHUT UP

Results (Senios)
1- Biles 61.700
2- Ross 60.050
3- Nichols 57.600
4- Gowey 56.000
5- Skinner 56.150

1- Chiles, 57.350
2- Dennis 56.750
3t. Flatley, Soza, 56.450
5- Foberg, 56.150


Rotation 4-

Kyla had a big bobble on one move and was slow (but faster than usual) on the front aerial to sheep jump connection. Nailed the dismount.

Norah, whip, triple twist, leg form. Both feet ,OOB- Double pike, small movement. No way that should get a 14.500 Tim and Amanda.

Gowey bends her hips in every handstand. How is that considered complete?

Simone has as much energy as a toddler who drank 7 energy drinks.

Skinners leaps and jumps are atrocious. No way she should be doing any of them.

Nice routine by Smith til the pak which was a bit messy.

Simone has 3 bobbles. One big. Two small and she missed one connection but good for her. Small step on landing.

DTY for Maggie. Messy form (not clean Tim) Messy knee’s at leats. The beginning looked good. Maybe piked.

Now we get to see Nia because she trains with Gabby (Nice, NOT) She missed every handstand but one. Step on her dismount. (Piked)


Rotation 3-

So of all the routines of Norah Flatley you skip you chose beam?

Amanda is so much better than Nastia. No much more natural.

Maggie Nichols is now third. Gowey 4th and Hundley is fifth.

More excuses for Gowey.

We don’t need to see gymnastics. Lets watch Marta’s head case sit on her ass with an “injury”

STILL not getting scores.

More shoving Kocian the head case. This is getting ridiculous.
Bag of ice on her foot. We call this an excuse.

I realize I am critical and gymnastics doesn’t care anymore about form but Biles has had the best form tonight so far (bars was a bit messy) Marta will not be happy with all these falls.

Gowey- Amanar. Falls. Her entire upper body looks anorexic. Short but if she had hit that it would have had beautiful form. She’s a head case.

Jazmyn on beam- Nothing great but stayed on. One bobble but not very impressive. IMO

Simone. Missed a few handstands but not by much. Her Weiler kips were off at the start and nailed the dismount.
A hug for Lexie , in a chair with her ankle up. (14.75) a lot high

Kyla nailed every handstand but nothing new in that bars. I didn’t pay close enough attention but I don’t think that’s her 6.4 routine. (5.9 start for a 15.00)

Mckayla interview- Blah, blah, blah. She was injured. Came back too fast. Long story, no blood flow. She didn’t want to but had to stop so she can be there in 2016.

Mckayla is so injured but she has heels

Rotation 2

1-Simone Biles -31.700, 2-Kyla Ross, 29.800, 3- R Gowey, 29.000.

Timmy and company are back to bashing Kyla again

Norah on bars- Hit routine. Tim calls out her one form problem but ignores Kocians. What bull shit. The rest was very good.

Off beam goes Desch. She is very lack luster on beam.

Kim Zmeskal should never get to chose floor music. All she does is pick stuff so people will remember her. Its kind of pathetic. Its kind of funny that her gymnasts actually have decent form. (Nice job by her junior Smith)

Kocian’s beam routine is a joke. 13.5 something with a fall and tonz of bobbles.

Nailed DTY for Kyla. Small form issues not as bad as her usual one but not as good as her other. (15.200)

Kocian falls off beam. Another bobble. Missed connection. Step on double pike. Lets see what Marta scoring does with that mess.

Gowey has messy form on her twists. 3.5 and triple. I know people love her dance but I am indifferent. I don’t love it. She can clearly dance but she bored me.

Big step on her Amanar but amazing height (Simone) Second vault had a step.. Why is she vaulting twice tonight? Seems like an un-necssary risk. (14.500 second vault)

Skinner did her Chang
DTY second vault. Piked at the hips.

Why waste time on Jazmyn? Sloppy routine.

Simone interview- She didn’t think Marta liked her because she was always happy. Marta likes to break gymnasts not celebrate (that was me not Simone)
Rotation 1

(Are they ignoring the juniors besides Norah?)


Saw the triple twist twins in the crowd.

Skinner, piked double double she wanted laid out. Fell at the end on a full in. Messy messy MESSY routine.

Simone Biles- Floor- Double double.Bouncy landing. Nailed the Biles.Nailed the double layout. Full in to end. Great tumbling but I hate the music. Hate IT. That isn’t artistry Tim and Amanda (John does not exist to me)
15.800 (Hell it was deserved but 2 tenth for stuck landings)

Tim called Brenna’s release beautiful. Its now 100% fact. He is blind.

Kyla hit floor. Did the whip double Arabian but not as pretty as usual. Like the leo. Double pike and double tuck.
Tim thinks she wanted to ad leap to first pass but I don’t know. Same 5.7 start value. I missed her score. Same music.

Gowey has a bobble on her two layouts. Cheap shitty jumps. Didn’t connect the sheep jump. A messy routine. 2 big steps on dismount with bad form- 14.850 (WTF)

2 Nastia mentions already (SHUT UP JOHN) Make that 3 (Tim)

Ten minutes of watching Kocian do nothing.
Don’t forget the bad form.
Her usual sloppy routine. Feet apart. Flat feet. These 2 are not watching same routine I am. She still got a 15.400.

Yurchenko full equals “in the mix” Not really (Norah Flatly)- Yurchenko

I might not be here for the whole thing but for now enjoy my wrath of the baseball Gods.

Competition hasn’t started yet and my computer has already crashed. Adding to my night of fun.

Kyla been to exactly ONE Worlds stupid universal sports so 3 medals is very good.
Simone is no longer new.
No wonder why that voice sucked. John R, GROSS.
I think I would rather have Nastia than Rothlishit.

Its hard to type while eating cake. Just saying.

2014 US Classic – Preissman is out

August 1, 2014

Senior Results
Junior Results
USA-Gym article

Poll Results

Simone Biles ? 70.71% (140 votes)

Who ever is left standing by end of rotation 4? 11.62% (23 votes)

Mykayla Skinner ? 8.08% (16 votes)

Kyla Ross ? 7.58% (15 votes)

Brenna Dowell ? 1.52% (3 votes)

Other: 0% (1 votes)

(198 votes)


Junior Day session results

I hate wasting time on her but Gabby needs to get over herself. This article is hilarious.

“I wasn’t looking to leave Iowa, but I was placed in a position where I had to make a decision to find another coach,” Douglas said.

You were placed in that position because you refused to follow the rules. This girl never takes the blame for anything she does. The fact is if she would have trained like real Elite gymnasts do instead of hanging out at Nike and doing cartwheels Chow would have let you stay.

Lexie is injured and out. Twitter is the info giver

Kyla Article

Mckayla throwing out first pitch at White Sox game
A different view

More Mckyla. Comment people are not impressed

I have to work tomorrow so I won’t be around for the Juniors. Depending on the baseball drama I might live blog the senior competition. We will see my mood in the PM.

USA-gymnastics info on the Classic

Kyla said on Gymnastike or USA-gym I forget she has an upgrade on floor (whip to Double Arabian) but she hasn’t been making it very well in practice so I doubt we will see it..

WordPress changed its way of doing things AGAIN and now I can’t post a picture.

VOTE or else

Sloan, Raisman and Maloney oh my! UPDATED AGAIN

July 31, 2014

HELL NO. I say no. I don’t want Alicia around. Go back to wherever you are Mrs Quinn.

Beam and Floor Results for Comm games.

Its a good thing I don’t sell advertising on this blog like certain others or I would be failing miserably lately. Yep blame the RED SOX

Not in the mood to blog so……………..

Nationals for Brazil

Vault and UB results from Comm games.

Now back to mourning my baseball season.

5 Stages of grief

Denial WTF are you talking about
Bargaining WTF, Okay you can have Gomes but we keep Lester and Cepedes.
DepressionBut Yooou can’t take Jonny,Jon and John Waaaah
Acceptance- Not today ( See you in October)


Tonight I was at Fenway. Turns out Bridget Sloan was also at Fenway. We were in the same section and I had no clue. My seats were better than her but it makes me laugh to know she was literally 10 feet away and I had no clue. SMALLEST world EVER. Glad to know I didn’t have to suffer alone.

Bridget wants to know how the game is played and LOL had the best comment to that. Yep well the players on the field have no clue how to play either. WHATEVER RedSox. Is that a beer Bridget?

Look at Aly go.

Mckayla Maroney is out this year. Probably a good thing.

An open Letter to Jon Lester – UPDATED

July 30, 2014

I will probably delete this tomorrow but I just need to get it off my chest.

Thanks for your part in the 2 World Series we won Jon Lester but FUCK YOU.

FUCK YOU for being a money grubbing jackass that thinks your worth 24 million a year even though the only time you show up is in the post season every 5 years.

FUCK YOU Jon Lester for saying one thing to the fans and media and having your agent demand the exact opposite behind everyone’s back. I don’t believe for a second you didn’t do just exactly that because if you had not then there is no way the Red Sox would have you on the trade market at this very moment.

I am completely over these MLB players thinking they deserve these contracts because idiotic teams like the Yankees offer them.

Lester is 30 years old and has never had an ERA under 3 until this year ( Welcome to the contract year of a professional athlete)

While Lester may have had an amazing post season last year his ERA in the regular season was 3.75.

During 2012 when the entire team sucked Lester’s ERA was 4.82 and during 2011 when the team choked away the playoffs on the last day of the season Lester had a 3.47 so you are trying to tell me that equals a contract of over 22 -24 million a year?

What planet do Red Sox fans live on?

The owners of this team have not been perfect but they spend between 148 and 170 million A YEAR on helping this team win and I can’t believe how many people are picking this one player over the team itself.

I have never been embarrassed to be a Red Sox fan in my life but as sad and obnoxious as this is going to sound I think the worst thing to ever happen to this team was the 2004 World Series Championship.

Its made the fans a bunch of whiny self entitled brats that now think what they want is above the game itself.

If winning 3 World Series and having a payroll at 170 million isn’t enough for you then maybe just maybe you should go find a new team to root for.

I bet the Tigers would take this teams success the last ten years. I bet the Pirates would. The Orioles would and The cub most certainly would but you continue to whine because one player thinks he is above the team?

I don’t understand this and I doubt I ever will.


Red Sox Fans renewed my faith in them this morning when they didn’t jump ship even though last night they all had plans too. Thanks for getting it.

Flashback Monday

July 28, 2014

I know we could discuss gymnastics but that is not nearly as much fun as making fun of Nastia.

Can we call Anna Li a bully for putting this up:)


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