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I have figured out why I don’t like Bailie Key

April 15, 2014

She is Kim Zmeskal 16 years later. Overrated and overscored on bars. A Very good vaulter with the least amount of vault allowed at this time in gymnastics to be considered an All Arounder. A consistent beamer and a good tumbler with slightly better dance ability then her coacherpart ( A new word. Its like counterpart) Did I mention she has Kim Zmeskal’s lack of style from 1992? Every time I see a picture of her from a Meet after party she has the ugliest outfit I have ever seen on. At her size anything she wears should look great on her.


The good thing about Bailie is her new floor routine is actually impressive and artistic which is something I never thought we would see from her as a gymnast.

Watch Bailie’s old routine with the Kim Zmeskal like music and then watch Kim Zmeskal’s 1992 routine. Its like they are twins. I am so glad Bailie upgraded.

I don’t want to make it seem like I hate Bailie. I don’t. She seems like a sweet kid and is a great little gymnast and if she gets an Amanar I can see her winning the AA at the Olympics in 2016 but as a gymnast she is not my cup of tea. Kim created her baby clone.

USA-Gymnastics has released their 2014 Hall of Fame members. Gag with me people. I am surprised they didn’t elect “it” into the Hall by herself. She is going to have to share the spotlight.

Another thing I don’t get why did the other gymnasts have to wait 10 years but the Queen Bee gets elected after that debacle of a comeback?

Pac Rims Event Finals: Live Blogging Senior women

April 12, 2014


1. Elsabeth Black CAN 14.362
2. Courtney McGregor NZL 14.312
3. Maegan Chant CAN 14.3

1. Elizabeth Price USA 14.6
2. Kyla Ross USA 14.35
3. Georgia-Rose Brown AUS 14.15

1. Kyla Ross USA 15.025
2. Yufen Xie CHN 14.9
3. Elizabeth Price USA 14.625

1. Elizabeth Price USA 14.95
2. Kyla Ross USA 14.5
3. Aleeza Yu CAN 13.975


Event Finals start list
Event Finals schedule

Live Video
Live Scoring.

Aly article from the comments


Floor Final

Black: Nailed double layout. Messy second pass. Ugly knee’s. Kyle is impressed. I am not really. I find her messy all the time and I hate bent knee’s. The Camera sucks for floor (5.7) 14.050 (Judges agree with me) 13.925. They lowered her score.

Courtney Mcgregor: She kind of walked through that routine with no flow. Started with a double pike and ended with a double tuck. 5.6 for a 13.225

Ebee Price: Double double stuck. Double layout , small step. Stuck double pike. Nice job but I hate that music. PLEASE Change it Ebee:) 14.950 (6.0)

Charlotte Sullivan: She kind of walked through that routine too. Stepped OOB on her second pass. My eye sight stinks so this feed is killing my eyes. 13.275 ( 5.5)

Aleeza Yu: I stop paying attention to any floor routine that started with a double tuck even if in combination. She’s a pretty dancer and I love the music but the Choreography I am supposed to like I didn’t. Okay I should say I didn’t I should say I didn’t like all of it. 13.975 (5.5)

Isabella Amado: Another double tuck to start. ZzZzZzZZZZZzzzzzz. That isn’t even good enough in College. Okay so she is from Panama and I should be impressed because that wasn’t a too bad routine considering.(5.0) 13.575

Mai Muakami: Come on Mai!!! Double layout. Triple twist. Did she just end with a double twist? (que?) Lordy lord. Nice routine. Won’t beat Ebee. 5.3 for a 13.425. I just assumed she fell to make it into final but this start value is crazy for someone as much power as her. Way too low.

Kyla Ross: Hit her first pass combination this time. Double pike. Small step. Feed went out for her last pass. Might have been short but it cut out. 5.5 for a 14.550

LESSON FOR KYLA. Your floor routine beats Ebee if you had a real start value. I don’t understand how you work on your artistry and not your skillllllls. I know its early. I know you know more than me. If you are reading this you say SHUT UP BLOGGER but I just want more for you. I am talking to myself.

There is no highbar feed on my list of videos. I found the high bar. Yes


Balance Beam Finals

Black fell on her layout then balked another skill. She hit her punch piked front but that was about it. 5.8 13.375
In her defense they made her wait 5 minutes to compete.

Aleeza Yu: She fell too. She at least has nice lines. She had to wait too. Guess everyone is waiting. 5.9 13.450

Kyla Ross: Small bobble on her first leap series. Hit her punch front wolf. Had another small bobble on another skill. Small step on landing. Taking forever on her score. I am pretty sure she was supposed to connect something else but I forget what. 6.1 for a 15.050. Maybe she connected it and I was day dreaming. With the 2 falls before her this routine was easily much better than them or Marta filed another start value petition.

Chinami Otaki: A few bobbles but day dreamed through this too, 5.2 13.825

Georgia Rose Brown: 3 bobbles and fall on dismount. She needs a cookie. 12.650 (5.5)

Ebee Price: Nice routine for Ebee save the leap combination she was short on. 14.625 (6.0)

Mai Murakami: Fall on her dismount. 5.2 12.775

Yufen Xie: Bobble on her side somi and two small steps on dismount but a beautiful routine. Typical Chinese.

6.2 for a 14.900.


Uneven Bar Finals

Kyla in red. Ebee in gross dark pink. China in winter coats. I have no sound at all now. Not even back ground noise which is a fun way to watch a meet:)

Munteanu from Aus had a pretty impressive routine form wise. She missed her handstands and will get killed on the D score but an impressive combination of skills. Only got a 13.775 (5.7) Those handstands killed her but feet together impresses me.

Yufen Xie stayed on bars but missed all her handstands too. 6.0- 14.050

Kyla is next: She was slightly short on first 2 handstands and the same leggy Van Luwen ( Someday I will learn to spell that correctly) and she was short on her landing taking a step. 14.375 (5.9)

Chow is so cute fixing the bars for Kyla with her coach.

Woe Ebee was off on almost all her handstands too. 6.4 for a 14.600

Black missed a few handstands and had some leg issues but stayed on. 5.5 for a 13.900

Georgia Rose Brown was laboured and slow and messy and maybe missed a handstand or two or three. 6.1 for a 14.150. I don’t agree with that. Everyone else was killed on handstands and form issues but she wasn’t.

Mai Murakami had a lot of close release moves. She stayed on but not a great routine. 4.9 for a 13.025

Chinami Otaki: She falls. 5.4 12.450


Vault Finals

So I am watching the Vault finals and feel like we could pluck any level 10 in the US or member of the 1992 US Olympic team from retirement and come out with a Gold medal over what we have seen so far. The one DTY seen so far is a complete leggy mess.

MR Hollie Vise fell off pommels. Bozo won a silver on Floor.

Kyle Shewfelt has the most annoying feminine voice of all time but he seems to be pretty honest in his assessment so far. The other guy with him is kind of funny but the feed is off by like 20 seconds to the commentating which is really annoying.

These Canadian leotards are the grossest things I have ever seen. Bozo fell off pommels. Black had the best 2 vaults so far but they were still a gross mess. Kyle pointed out earlier that this final is weak. At least he is honest.

I seem to have lost the commentating (aww, that’s too bad said no one ever)

Junior Results

Bailie won Vault and Floor. Norah won beam (She originally was in second place with a 6.2 start value but they raised the start value by 1 tenth and her score went up to a 14.850 taking over first from Bailie Key) and Huan Luo won bars. Nia Dennis finished close to last on floor and won a silver on vault.

Pac Rims Team and AA. Semi live blogging

April 9, 2014

Event Finals start list
Event Finals schedule

Live Video
Live Scoring.

Thoughts before bed. Kyla I love you but UPGRADE. Unless you do something you are losing your AA spot to Price. I will take into consideration your mess up on floor ( losing 3 tenths) and your downgrade by 5 tenths on bars but that still puts you behind Ebee by 4 tenths.

Great job Ebee. I will always think your floor is overscored because of the lack of artistry but your beam keeps getting better (work on the leaps) and you deserved this win.

Bailie, you bore me but you are Miss Consistent.

Getting a kick out of Ms Con=geniality Kyla Ross talking to the Canadians. Now she is signing autographs for them still talking. This is why I love this kid. While the rest of the US is chatting by themselves Kyla is running for Mayor of Canada and she has no clue the camera is on her.

Now the other gymnasts have joined the line for Kyla’s autograph and a picture.

Noe the HBIC Canadian is yelling at the VOLuNTEERS to do their job. Biatch.

They took my feed away :(

Medal time.


Rotation 4- Bars

ZHOU Linlin just had a beautiful beam routine.

Norah was off on all her handstands. I love this angle. (5.7) 14.200
Bailie was short on a few handstands. (5.6) 14.350
Peyton 14.600 (5.9)
Kyla. Kid hit her handstands and this angle shows it. 14.800 (5.9)
Ebee (6.4) 15.000
Nia (5.4) 14.000 ( Short on a lot of handstands)


Rotation 3- Vault

Bailie (44.900)
Ebee (44.900)
Kyla (43.900)
Dennis (43.950)
Norah (42.650)
Peyton (29.100) ( 2 events)

Vault was going by quickly so I missed Nia. I only saw Bailie land. Peyton had a short DTY.Kyla had a step on a DTY but a lot of height from this angle. Ebee was a bit short on her Amanar.

Nia (5.8) 15.150
Baile (5,8) 15.300
Kyla (5.8) 15.300
Peyton (5.8) 15.050
Norah (5.0) 14.050
Ebee (6.3) 15.700

USA 177.650 (1) 61.450 (1) 0.000 (3) 58.050 (1) 58.750 (1)
CHN 164.850 (2) 55.750 (2) 56.300 (1) 0.000 (3) 52.950 (3)
CAN 164.050 (3) 0.000 (3) 53.500 (2) 55.150 (2) 55.550 (2)


Rotation 2- Floor
(This is the worst feed of all 3)

Not close enough for specifics. Nia’s looked a little short on her first pass and took two small steps on her last. She is watchable on floor. (5.9 )for a 14.750
Bailie- Short on her double Memmel and a small step on her first pass. Big step on her double tuck. (6.0) 14.750
Kyla missed the leap out of first pass. Big step on double pike. (5.4) 14.150
Ebee nailed the shit out of that double layout but I hate this music. (6.0) 15.00 She nailed her passes and these are the types of floor routines judges like now.
Norah had a 5.2 start value for a 13.950
Elisabeth Black got a 15.000 on beam with a 6.6 start value.
Peyton scratched Floor. How is this team event working because doesn’t that leave the US short a senior floor worker? I guess the team event is both juniors and seniors.
They raised Ebee’s floor score to a 15.100


Ugly ass pink leotards AGAIN.

Rotation 1: Beam

Key hit beam with a low Arabian but got a 6.3 start value for a 14.850.
Ebee has a few bobbles on beam but good for her 14.100 (5.9)
Peyton stayed on beam but missed both connections I saw 14.050 (6.0)
Norah, Big bobble on her punch front and she missed a connection or 2. Not her best but good enough. She reminds me of Shawn but with better leaps and presentation which is lacking on beam these days (6.2) 14.650
Kyla landed short on her dismount and missed her connection to the wolf jump but my feed was bouncy (5.7) 14.450
Nia is last. Hiding her is my guess ? She has a great Arabian but the rest of this is blah (5.8) 14.050

OVERALL the US wasn’t great on beam but for being up first they did okay. Kyla’s execution is saving her once again. China had no difficulty on floor and Canada was killed on bars.

I don’t think I will be doing much live blogging. The competition starts at 10 and I need to get up early tomorrow morning but the above links work and we are currently in the middle of watching the last rotation of the second session.

Pac Rim training videos. Simone is out

April 7, 2014

Simone withdrew after hurting her shoulder again.

(Thanks LOL)

Pictures from training.

Schedule for the competition.
Video Team Finals, AA and Event Finals

I have one question why are there no training videos of Kyla Ross at all?

Finally found her beam but no upgrades. I just can’t figure out why we insist on sending her to these same meets with the same routines.


Here is the gist. I want to hit my routines. We are all like family and love each other and its an honor to compete for the US at this competition. When did this competition become so big? Each of these girls seem to think this is a huge competition. It funny to listen to them all tow the party line.

Simone Biles
Kyla Ross
Elizabeth Price
Norah Flatley
Nia Dennis
Bailie Key

The tired blogger goes back to Hell

April 7, 2014

My vacation has ended and I come back to work to find I have not been given the day off I requested which means my short week has just been extended and I am not happy about it. I see a sick day in my future. Any whooooo


National qualifiers for College gymnastics is set
The All Around and individual events are also listed at the above link

Maggie Nichols finished 3rd at the Tokyo cup. Without the mistake on bars she probably would have won the All Around.

Here are some videos from youtube.


Mustafina wins Nationals and Opening Day at Fenway.

April 3, 2014

I won’t be around tomorrow the boy surprised me with Opening day tickets to see the World Series Champions get their new rings. I am so excited. I think someone is trying to make up for making me leave a certain baseball game early last year making me miss a comeback in the 9th inning, maybe? Buy my love honey:P

Aly Article from the comment section.


AA Picture

Full Twist pointed out something I didn’t notice. Nabieva competed

Aliya Mustafina won Russian Nationals.

1. Alia Mustafina 14.733 14.333 15.400 15.100 59.566
2. Alla Sosnitskaya 14.700 14.467 14.067 14.833 58.067
3. Anastasia Grishina 13.867 13.900 14.400 14.300 56.467
4. Yekaterina Kramarenko 13.900 14.533 13.167 14.067 55.667
5. Daria Spiridonova 13.600 15.133 13.733 13.200 55.666
6. Polina Fyodorova 13.700 13.333 14.500 13.600 55.133
7. Tatiana Nabiyeva 14.567 13.933 13.400 12.700 54.600
8. Daria Yelizarova 13.700 13.833 13.800 12.300 53.633
9. Lilia Akhaimova 13.667 11.700 13.167 13.933 52.467
10. Kristina Kruglikova 13.667 12.033 13.233 13.533 52.466
11. Kristina Goryunova 13.500 11.833 13.167 13.900 52.400
47. Viktoria Komova 14.267 14.900 11.600 40.767
50. Anna Rodionova Volga 13.800 15.067 28.867
51. Maria Paseka Moscow 15.033 13.433 28.466
52. Maria Kharenkova South 14.433 13.967 28.400
53. Ksenia Afanaseva Central 14.933 13.000 27.933

Anastasia Grishina on floor

Shannon Miller Announces comeback bid for Rio 2016

April 2, 2014

She still has the form. She still has the balance I say go for it Shannon

I am thinking she should have said April Fools in the video so people don’t freak out and talk about how she is stealing Gold medals from the unknown AA Champion but to each their own


Shawn Johnson Interview. I think they asked these questions for Gym

How is Simone Biles not a finalist for this?

Greg Marsden, Pet Detective. Oh the April Fools jokes keep coming.

Catalina Ponor interview at Triple Twist

Greece cancels their Nationals

Chris Evans is going to be a Rhythmic Gymnast. Good luck with that Chris.

Crazy Ass twister Kenzo.

All you need to know about the Pac Rims

Should the Produnova vault be banned ?

March 30, 2014

I don’t know if this vault should be banned or not but something has to be done about it before someone breaks their neck attempting to land it.

The above video is just another example of a gymnast trying to code whore a routine because she know even if she doesn’t hit it she still gets credit for the vault as long as her feet touch the ground first.

What is your opinion? IMO I say make the vault a lower start value and if someone competes the vault and lands on their feet like Prudnova did than give them an execution score of 9.90. That way it encourages this vault only being done if the gymnast lands it like Prudnova did.

Unless you land it like this you should not be attempting it. PERIOD hell even Elena had shitty form on this vault but at least she didn’t look like she was going to die mid flight.

Worlds ends without a medal for the US. Doha, British Championships and more.

March 29, 2014

Full Results
Ladies Medal Ceremony

Worlds ended sometime in the middle of the night and the US came home with exactly ZERO medals. I just got done watching the ladies LP on you tube and can’t believe the overscoring that happened but considering what an under-rotating jump fest it was I am not even sure I can argue with the outcome. Though I do have lots of complaints.

We will start with Mao Asada who deserved her win. She had a beautiful SP (not sure it was the best SP of all time but it was very well done) In the LP she under-rotated a bunch of jumps but hit her triple axel and easily deserved the win.

Carolina Kostner was slow, boring and overscored per usual and how any judge can justify 10.00′s for her with that performance is beyond me. Usually I agree she has very good interpretation but she did not in that LP. She was slow and acted like she didn’t even want to be on that ice. Your Choreography and Composition suffer when you fall on your ass. There was only one time I felt like she did that music justice and it lasted about 3 seconds. You can easily see the overscoing for her when she got a level 1 they upped the PCS to make sure she ended up on the podium. This has been going on for years when it comes to Carolina I guess it pays to have the head of the IOC be Italian.

Anna Pogorilaya is a human bulldozer. That is my new nickname for her. Talk about skating around the ice and just jumping. This was the worst performance of the night for me. There was nothing in this attack but her throwing herself around the ice.

Ashley Wagner stayed on her feet but for the first half of this performance I almost shut off the video. She picked it up 2 minutes in and gave her best performance of the year. The judges do not like her and she pretty much only has herself to blame for that. She needs to shut up and skate like this all the time because her quality of work is light years ahead of Gold and she is not getting the PCS to show that quality.

Gracie Gold had a beautiful Triple Lutz to start her LP and that was it. She was in the perfect position to steal a bronze medal and she choked it away. Anyone that says this girl has improved by being with Frank Carroll is crazy. Her music felt like it was back ground to watch her skate around the ice and wave her arms. There is no improvement here and there never was but sadly in NBC says something the American public follows suit and believes this to be true.

Julia Lipnitskaia was her usual self with a fall. Her jumps are the smallest in the competition. She was doing okay til the fall (a few scratchy jumps here and there)

Overall the LP’s were boring as heck and they didn’t even matter in the end because the SP kept the leaders in the lead regardless of what they did in their LP. This competition was a huge let down or I don’t know maybe my opinion is already at an all time low after that joke of an Olympics I am seeing what I am feeling. Disdain for this sport


Larisa Iordache
took both Beam and Floor at Doha. She also won Vault. Diana Bulimar finished second on floor not bad for her first competition back after an injury. Lets hope she stays healthy for Worlds at the end of the year.

Other Videos from this meet

Larisa Irodache- Beam and Floor
Diana Bulimar – Beam and Floor
Mary-Anne Monckton- Beam
Lauren Mitchell- Floor

Paul Ruggeri finished second on Highbar. You can see his routine here.’s
article about his medal.

Epke Zonderland won Gold with his ugly ass release moves that if they were done by an American would be called all sorts of names. Form matters as much as difficulty.


Whitlock and Tunney took the British titles

Guess who is on vacation ? Doha prelims results and more

March 26, 2014

Its me. For the first time in a long time I am off from both jobs for a week and the boy is working so I will be doing lots of sleeping, some cleaning and then maybe some blogging.

I know I am going to sound like an idiot here but was this the Russian pair I liked at the Olympics? Pairs and ice dancing bore so I forget:) I think this is them.

This is way crazy. You win bronze and now quit? So stupid.

Doha prelims took place today and Larissa Iordache is leading both Beam and Floor. Diana Bulimer is in second ( Beam and Floor) and Lauren Mitchell in third on floor.

Womens Results
Mens Results \
Official website for Doha

The US men are also competing. has a write up.

There Rhythmic Gymnasts competed recently and look USA-Gymnastics is pretending they give a crap about our military yet the flag stepping picture still remains.

Okay so there are 2 stories
about how much they love and help the military and both just happen to be released after the stepping on the flag picture. Good timing or done on purpose? You judge

Mens SP Results from worlds. Abbot fell again and is in 8th. Max Aaron is in 9th.

The Ladies event starts tonight (or tomorrow since it will be at like 3 AM)

Max Aaron

The Canadian men tanked so bad they are on the verge of only getting one spot for Worlds next year and that will go to Chan who was too lazy to compete here. Isn’t that ironic.


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