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10 years ago today


10 years ago tonight, this happened.

I couldn’t find a video of the game or the last out but this sums it all up pretty nicely:)

Oh and this is a lot of fun too

I know I complain about the Red Sox a lot and even this series but I guess I wouldn’t change a thing. Its what made us what we are today. Though Damon being an asshole I would change.

My thoughts on the 2014 World Championships part 2


My Favorite and least favorite things from the 2014 World Championships

Some of my favorites

Kohei winning his fifth World title at this worlds is an amazing feat. Add that to his Olympic title and he is arguably the best gymnast the World has ever seen. I say arguably because Sherbo winning 6 gold medals and a world title on every event is in the discussion.

He plans on competing through 2020 when the games take place in Japan.

Kyla winning a medal in the AA but realizing she needs upgrades if she wants to be there again. Yes she was lucky to win an All Around medal and only did because Mustafina and Yao fell but the same can be said for Mustafina the year before. (she won because Yao and Iordache fell) At this rate Yao wins a medal next year because Biles and Mustafina fall to even out the playing field:)

Bee Gate was hilarious but nothing beats the look on Mustafina’s face when Nelli Kim hugs

Bozo the clown ( John Orozco)tanking prelims and bringing nothing to the team in team finals that couldn’t have been replaced with other teammates. He was the only US male gymnast not to make an event final. Hence proving that the over scoring he gets in the US does the US no favors in the end.

LEAST Favorite things

The underscoring of Chunsong Shang. So I get it. You think she is under age but unless you plan on using your resources to prove that opinion blatantly cheating by under scoring her is bush league.

Her prelims bar routine was down right beautiful. It had a 6.3 start value and you literally have the audacity to give her a score only 2 and a half tenths higher than the messed up shit by Madison Kocian? who only had a 2 tenth start value on her and screwed up?

Same could be said with her 6.0 start value on floor where she didn’t even make it out of the 13’s for a hit routine. Was it her best routine no but she was destroyed by the judges while the everyone else was given a free pass for horrible work (Skinner’s double double laid out that was anything but and Mustafina who walked through her routine like she didn’t want to be there are 2 examples)

Is it too much to ask judges to do their job for everyone?

Other things

Kocian and Baumann proving they both did not deserve the free pass they got to make this team. The best score Kocian got on bars was a 14.900 and Baumann ‘s high beam score of 14.500 hardly deserved the the specialist role they we’re handed. Was there even a point of putting Kocian up on vault for a Yurchenko? and lets discuss the injury that kept Baumann out of the Pan American games. Sounds like another ploy by Marta like the one that kept Annia Hatch out of Nationals so she could petition to the Olympic trials. Both gymnasts had bad attitudes after not making the event finals when they made mistakes too. I guess the point of even mentioning this is that Marta playing her games did not work out for either gymnast on a personal level (neither made an event finals on their “signature ” event but sadly it worked for Marta.

Thoughts from the 2014 World Championships. Part 1



Larisa Iordache and her 6.3 start value Uneven Bar routine. Not only is this routine pretty good for a gymnast not known for her Uneven bar prowess but it helped her nearly take the All Around gold medal from a guaranteed outcome.

Everyone knew Simone would take the title but we all thought she had over a fall buffer to win but Larissa came along with improved routines like this and only lost the gold medal by a little over 5 tenths. Maybe the person who put this bar routine together for Larisa should put together a similar one for Kyla and Simone.

Daria Spiridonova (first routine in this video) ended up winning a bronze medal during the UB final but she was a positive surprise to me during qualifying. Russian giants aside she hit every handstand and only had a slight form issue in the routine and I thought her score deserved to be higher than Mustafina during qualifying. She had a 6.4 start value.


What happened to?????

Mai Murakami : Mai made the event finals last year at worlds and just about everyone thought she got the royal screwing from the judges when it came to scoring (an artistry deduction, really?) She was at Worlds this year competing vault, bars and Floor during prelims and fell on her first past. Here is her prelims Floor routine She competed the same 3 routines in team finals where Japan finished 8th ( Vault 14.566 (5.8) Bars 13.400 (4.9) and Floor 13.700 (5.4) You can watch her team final floor routine here

Anna Pavlova: When Anna moved to Azerbaijan to compete everyone thought it was a great move for her. Russia refused to add her to their National team even when she out performed gymnasts they did add but it looks like Russia was right because Anna had a very forgettable qualifying performance finishing 50th and scoring 12.933 on her best event and doing just as bad on the remaining 3.(12.833 (bars)12.166 (beam) 13.166 (floor) Here is her qualifying Floor routine where she started with a double pike.

Lauren Mitchell: The former Floor world champion injured herself before qualifying and withdrew from the competition.

2014 Worlds Events Finals. Day 1 and 2



Start List
Live Results
Live Video



Start Lists
Live Results
Live Video

2014 World Championships: Womens All Around



Live Results ( Look to the right)
Start Lists
IG Magazine Quick hits Enjoy the bitter biased musings of whomever is running their facebook. It sounds like Amanda whose hidden agenda is alive and well when describing the scores of your favorite gymnasts.
Live coverage at Universal Sports

Enjoy. I’ll see you when I wake up:)

2014 Womens Team Competition



Start Lists

7 am tomorrow morning. I will be at work.

Are we getting live video for this?

2014 World Championships. Day 2 (China, Romania, Great Britain)



First my sympathies Case. I was following the 9th inning on the boys phone when Victor got the double. Guy in next car heard me scream and looked at me like I had 2 heads.

China starts at 11 PM. I will try and Live blog.

Start Lists

Video for outside the US.
This updates scores quicker than US Version.

If you thought the line up for Russia was weird check the one for Romania. Larissa is only last up on bars. I guess they are trying to build scores and figure Larisa is in one of the last rounds so she will be fine)


Must say I like these Chinese leo’s. White with Red design that probably means something.

Uneven Bars:

1-CHEN Siyi- made a big mistake then fall on pak. (5.5) 11.458
2-SHANG Chunsong- to die for handstands. (6.3) 14.588 (might have hit feet on bar) If not big time screwing
3-HUANG Huidan- Leg Separations but hit routine. ( 6.8 ) 15.333
4-YAO Jinnan- couple messy leg but rest was beautiful. Stuck dismount ( 6.9 ) 15.666
5-TAN Jiaxin- hit routine. Nicely done. Form was near perfect on Chinese channel. (6.9 ) 15.333
(alt BAI Yawen)


Balance Beam:

1- CHEN Siyi- Bobbles, missed connection, short triple twist dismount.( 13.533) (6.9)
2- SHANG Chunsong- A couple missed connections but no huge bobble (6.2 ) 14.633 (inquiry not accepted)
3- Yao Jinnan- did not connect leap series, bobble on sheep, bobble on full turn leg up (6.2 ) 14.900
4- HUANG Huidan- missed something in the middle. Messy through out. Stuck dismount ( 6.0 ) 14.300
5- BAI Yawen- she has some bent knee’s not usually seen in China, 1 big bobble, beautiful connections to start
the routine. (6.2 ) 14.800
(ALT TAN Jiaxin)

China has a 4 point lead at this point but since Vault and bars are next that will change but depending on how they
are scored on Floor there could be a competition brewing for the team.



1- CHEN Siyi- triple twist punch front, landed low. Double pike, hands almost down. She is not ready to be here just
yet but in the future watch out. Loads of potential ( 5.7 ) 12.533
2- YAO Jinnan- Almost fall, fall, disaster (5.8 ) 12.633
3- SHANG Chunsong- Messy triple twist, triple turn, 2.5 punch front piked, double pike. Nice routine for her. 13.966 (6.0) a BIT LOW BEING HOW EVERYONE ELSE WAS JUDGED TODAY
4- TAN Jiaxin- Missed most of it trying to count twists. Ended with double tuck ( 5.6 ) 13.600
5- BAI Yawen- We call this hiding a gymnast. Next 12.766 (5.3)
(alt HUANG Huidan)

Petra Filova tried to mount beam with a punch front and missed. Front walk over and off. Short sheep almost off. Punch front. The end

Kyla is going to be knocked out of bars and is 5th removing 2 per Country on beam.

China falls to 3rd with that disaster of a floor rotation. No routine out over 14.



1- SHANG Chunsong- Yurchenko piked (5.00) 13.966
2- CHEN Siyi- DTY, Short ( 5.8) Nice form til end 14.333
3- YAO Jinnan- DTY, Stuck but not stuck (5.8) 14.833
4- TAN Jiaxin- DTY, Small step but nicely done. 15.133
5- BAI Yawen- 5.0, small step. 13.666
(ALT HUANG Huidan)

WTF China I watch y0ur network to avoid Nastia



Top 3 team so far

1. USA 235.038 2. CHN 230.753 3.RUS 228.135

Results in the AA through China.

Live Results
Women’s Qualifications – All-Around Live Results
Rk Name NOC Total Vault UB Beam Floor
1 BILES Simone USA
15.800 13.300 15.133 15.366
14.900 15.166 14.308 14.500
3 YAO Jinnan CHN
14.833 15.666 14.900 12.633
15.100 14.650 14.391 13.800
15.666 13.900 13.533 14.700
6 SHANG Chunsong CHN
13.966 14.558 14.633 13.966
15.133 14.408 13.666 13.533
14.833 14.033 13.366 14.166
9 KOCIAN Madison USA
14.133 14.300 13.900 13.633
14.466 14.766 13.566 13.066
14.066 13.933 13.766 13.900
12 BLACK Elsabeth CAN
14.300 13.766 14.466 13.000
13 HILL Lisa Katharina GER
14.033 15.100 13.200 12.900
15.300 13.500 14.033 12.133
14.100 13.600 13.500 13.633
16 MARTINS Ana Filipa POR
13.900 13.900 13.266 13.466
17 WAEM Laura BEL
13.800 13.908 13.433 13.100
18 ONYSHKO Isabela Maria CAN
13.733 13.933 13.133 13.100
13.666 13.433 13.466 13.300
20 BUI Kim GER
14.133 13.966 13.833 11.833
13.833 13.300 13.600 12.733
14.333 12.400 13.200 13.466
14.166 12.766 13.166 13.200
13.700 12.700 12.866 13.900
25 MAKRA Noemi HUN
14.083 13.866 12.433 12.733
26 MORENO MEDINA Alexa Citlali MEX
14.800 12.666 13.166 12.366
27 RUIKES Maartje NED
13.833 13.133 13.000 12.933
14.666 12.433 13.233 12.566
14.566 13.000 12.566 12.766
13.933 12.233 13.866 12.800
13.033 13.366 12.833 13.533
14.300 12.866 13.066 12.400
33 KANG Yong Mi PRK
13.700 14.033 12.633 12.066
34 MYS Gaelle BEL
13.966 12.266 12.433 13.566
35 WOO Victoria Kayen CAN
13.866 13.266 11.908 13.066
13.733 13.000 12.600 12.733
14.033 12.433 13.433 12.133
38 CHEN Siyi CHN
14.333 11.458 13.533 12.533
13.666 13.100 11.733 13.300
13.466 12.533 13.133 12.666
41 KIM Un Hyang PRK
13.800 12.800 13.566 11.566

2014 World Championships Qualifications


LIVE Results

Thanks for that win Giants. You made my night:)


(Full Results for entire competition)

Tonight USA-Gymnastics will be showing the Russians and it ends before 11 PM which means maybe I will live blog it.

Judges for Qualification

There are no US judges. Elena Davydova cheating cheaters cheat is judging for Canada? Way to sneak in those extra tenths Russia. Oksana Omelianchik is timing beam too. This should be interesting.

Start Lists (Last Gymnast on list is alternate)
Live Results
USA-Gymnastics Worlds Page


Tomorrow morning at 6 am-745 the US Compete. Russia competes tonight. Not sure of the exact time. Explain to me why Aliya isn’t up last on every event for Russia?


Russian highlights:

Spiridonova on bars. Aliya’s triple turn on floor. Aliya’s triple turn on beam. The entire Russian rotation on bars. Honestly they should have brought Komova. Anything she would have done on bars would have trumped any of these girls left at home for another event.

Russia- Beam

1- Kramarenko- Messy routine. Bobble to start. Punch front. Double tuck dismount- 13.566
2- Mustafina- She didn’t fall but very slow. Missed connections- 14.308
3- Karenkova- (fell on dismount, missed hand it looked like) Too bad she nailed everything in practice but was off whole routine. 12.933
4-Spiridonova (Fell, messy. Not sure what that 12.166
5- Sosnitskaya- Well she stayed on.


Russia- Uneven Bars

1- Daria Spiridonova- Nice routine. Beautiful form minus one leg separtion. Ugly Giants, nailed dismount- 15.100
2- KRAMARENKO Ekaterina – 14,766 Another nice routine. 2 small leg separations but dead on handstands
3- Aliya Mustafina -(6.3) Hit routine. A little messy form 15.166
4- Sosnitskaya- Messy form but hit 14.408
5- Nabieva- Step on landing but everything else looked great. Much better form than Aliya 14.600

Daria had the best routine here not Aliya. Aliya is getting some gifts especially compared to her teammates.

It looks like the fans are stuck way up and the empty seats are for the coaches/gymnasts etc….


Russia- Vault
1- KRAMARENKO Ekaterina 14.466 (DTY) Short
2- Nabieva- (DTY) Stuck 14.766
3- Mustafina (DTY) 14.900 (Nabs was MUCH better) BS Score
4- Sosnitskaya- (6.40 start value, short 15.133
DTY (Stuck but messy form) 14.900 (overscored)
5- Kharenkova 13.900 (Yurchenko)

(Canada counted two scores in the 11’s on beam)
Black got a 13.OOO on floor.
Judges are being very nit picky for everyone not named Aliya.


I missed Aliya’s floor start value. Anyone know?

Russia Floor

1- SOSNITSKAYA Alla 13.533
2- KRAMARENKO Ekaterina 13.066
3- Mustafina Aliya 14.500
4- Kharenkova Maria- 13.666
5- Spiridonova Daria- 12.833

Overall very poor effort from 4 of 5 gymnasts.

So the first Russian (Kramamren) hit her full in but was short on the double tuck. Big step on last pass. Low 13 for a score. I hate Russian names so I will title them in order but Aliya

Russian number 2 (Sosnitskaya)- 2 Memmel turns she bobbled out of. A double layout nicely done and a triple twist she almost went OOB with. Messy routine. (13.533)

Aliya- Nice routine from Aliya. 2 big steps on her passes but she nailed her triple and double turns.

I day dreamed through 4th Russian. Pretty dancer. Bad form on the twisting but a pretty routine. Ended with a Double Pike.

I always tune out gymnasts that start with double pikes. Sorry 5th Russian and your low start value.


Russia is wearing this metallic green.
(Oh come on umps you can’t throw out the manager in a playoff game (I want the Giants to win but not this way)

USA-Gym how about some podium training instead of the line up?

1 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 58.874 14.900 15.166 14.308 14.500
2 SOSNITSKAYA Alla RUS 56.740 15.133 14.408 13.666 13.533
3 KRAMARENKO Ekaterina RUS 55.864 14.466 14.766 13.566 13.066
4 BLACK Elsabeth CAN 55.532 14.300 13.766 14.466 13.000
5 WAEM Laura BEL 54.241 13.800 13.908 13.433 13.100
6 ONYSHKO Isabela Maria CAN 53.899 13.733 13.933 13.133 13.100
7 VERSCHUEREN Lisa BEL 53.865 13.666 13.433 13.466 13.300
8 CROKET Julie BEL 53.166 13.700 12.700 12.866 13.900
9 MYS Gaelle BEL 52.231 13.966 12.266 12.433 13.566
10 WOO Victoria Kayen CAN 52.106 13.866 13.266 11.908 13.066
11 CHANT Maegan CAN 51.598 14.066 12.900 11.566 13.066
12 TAMAN Nancy Mohamed EGY 47.999 13.566 10.633 12.100 11.700
13 HAZEM WAGEEH Rowan EGY 46.932 13.066 12.000 10.433 11.433
14 ELHAJJ Miriam Fouad EGY 45.699 13.200 9.766 11.300 11.433
15 ELBIALY Rana EGY 43.431 12.266 10.366 9.966 10.833
16 ZAGHLOUL Malak EGY 42.599 12.566 8.900 9.733 11.400
17 KHARENKOVA Maria RUS 40.499 13.900 —– 12.933 13.666
18 SPIRIDONOVA Daria RUS 40.099 —— 15.100 12.166 12.833
19 PETERMAN Kirsten CAN 39.299 14.333 12.366 —– 12.600
20 VANDERSTEEN Eline BEL 38.198 13.666 —–11.366 13.166
21 NABIEVA Tatiana RUS 29.366 14.766 14.600 —– ——
22 VERSONNEN Lin BEL —– 13.166 —– —– —–
23 YU Aleeza CAN —– —— 11.933 —–

2014 World Championships Podium Training


Live Fig Results


Videos will here here Right now they have the US Men.

Starts tomorrow at 6 am. I will be working so if anyone wants to send info on how people looked I would appreciate it. If you could pay attention to the order they go up that would be great so we can see what the line ups might be like.

Chinese team training

Speaking of people not at Worlds Ebee’s first week at Stanford.

Ebee likes math. She is the anti girl the media leads us to believe exists. Oh and I lead you to believe the same thing because I hate math with a passion.

When I was growing up we had to write everything out. Show your work said my idiotic math teaaching coach of the football team. By the time my nephew was growing up he needed a calculator to bring to every class. Now my newest baby nieces and nephews are doing something called common core which makes no damn sense. How do you get to ten using an 8 and a 5? you take 2 from the 5 and that makes it ten. UM HELLO. Why the HELL do you take 2 from the 5? why the hell can’t you take 3? I am starting to think maybe China is the one that created this new way of doing math so we stay far down in the rankings.

See you in 2015



The Red Sox season pretty much ended in May and it ended for me with the last 3 games vs Tampa because there was no way in hell I was sitting through any of the Jeter love fest that has been going on in Boston the last few days (apparently RedSox fans forget how Jeter acted in 2003 when the idiot was seen running and laughing around the dug out declaring the “curse is coming” over and over again ) Maybe “Classy? means different things to different people but the point of this blog is to tell the haters they can suck it. Yep, suck it. Suck that guitar Bernie Williams. Suck those duckboat boots LL Bean and most of all suck on your retirement cheater Jeter because I have a list of un-classy things you have done over the last twenty years and I am not afraid to use them:)

Okay so back to the Red Sox and their sucky season of overrated phenoms that didn’t produce, veterans that didn’
t earn their money and adorable albeit injury prone outfielders pictured above that spent nearly the entire season on the DL I have one message for the haters, WE WILL BE BACK and heck, it can’t get much worse :)

P.S. GO SF Giants and my new motto this year is, Anyone but the Orioles :)

If anyone cares this is what I want. I DON’T Make predictions but in order prevent a complete melt down from me (even if some of you like my melt downs) this is how the post season must go but in all honesty as long as the Orioles lose in the FIRST round I can handle anything. Even the Dodgers winning though I would prefer Carl Crawford be benched at the time or maybe dead?

Wild Card:

Royals over A’s
Giants over Pirates


Tigers over evil Orioles
Cardinals over Dodgers
A’s/Royals over Angels
Wild card over Nationals


Tigers over whom ever/ everyone over Orioles
SF Giants over Dodgers/Cardinals/Nationals

WINNER- SF GIANTS over whomever
(Just for Case) Tigers over anyone but the Giants


I will be posting something for the podium training for the women in a few days. Discuss anything you want here in the mean time but one word to the advice if you want to post a love fest to Jeter I wouldn’t if I was you :)


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