Rebecca Andrade and Flavia Saraiva

July 17, 2014

She already looks like a senior. Has an Amanar, Impressive skills on floor and need some bar work.

Flavia here had a beautiful beam routine going til the fall. A lot of potential here.

#MightyKacy and other stuff. Did Gage close?

July 16, 2014

Several people searched the blog today with the words, Why did Gage close?

Oh anon rumor starters though as someone mentioned below it seems a lot of Gage girls are not on the roster for Classics like Brenna. Just checked there are no Gage girls. Hmmmm

Feel free to discuss the Gabby issue here. I personally don’t care and I agree with Melanie. Gabby is 18 and making her own money lets stop blaming her mother for her decisions.

If Chow ever takes her back he’s an idiot.

Shannon Miler, Mary Lou Retton, Nadia, Bart Connor and some other bitch will be on a reality show.

US Classic list of competitors. No Gabby. SHOCKING

My best year ever MY ASS. Camp info

July 5, 2014

The other day my HORRORscope ( yep I went there) said starting the next day I would be having the best year of my life. Since then I have fallen down the stairs and scratched my arm. Lost electricity for 6 hours sitting in a hot house alone in 85 degree weather playing frame tag with my IPod light because I couldn’t find a flash light and the boy went out with his friends. and to top it all off the Red Sox haven’t won a game since that day. I think the karmic universe has found issue with me for something I didn’t even do. Well FUCK YOU KARMIC UNIVERSE. You will not
take me down.

Some camp info- (Thanks Jas) Simone Biles won the AA. Madison overscored because she competes for Woga was second and Kyla I refuse to upgrade Ross was third. Sorry Kyla I love you kid but if you are being beat at camp by Madison Kocian its time to turn in your Elite card and go have a life as the best College gymnast ever. Sorry negative me is staying until my best damn year turns into what it promised me.

My new anthem. At least the bitch part.

Its a darker day than usual in the Sports World

June 16, 2014

Its a darker day than usual in the Sports World today and so we shall remain in black here at g.t.t.

The Fuck You Baseball blog. Feel free to discuss Gymnastics til they win again

The Sox still can’t win. San San Antonio won the Larry O’Brien trophy (Gag me Tim Duncan) , Tony Gwynn a true baseball player and a great human being has died and the Bruin’s have Tim Thomas’d Shawn Thornton ( LOL Well said) and decided to ” not sign him” which is also known as, thanks for your part in the Cup 3 years ago but we didn’t appreciate it so you can leave now. We would rather keep your back up who chokes away the cup in 17 seconds but I digress .

This one is going to sting for awhile. Not that the others losses were cake walks for me (10 years later and if I ever run into Danny Ainge he is getting a mouth full from me) but I don’t know. It is just a bad day in the sports world.


Continue to discuss the alleged retirement of Jordyn Wieber and anything else.

Now excuse me while I go back to watching Densie on youtube. My new TV obsession.

More than the Olympics. Still in the black

June 11, 2014

The Fuck You Baseball blog. Feel free to discuss Gymnastics til they win again

Brandon Workman made me feel a little better tonight but it ain’t over til its over and nothing but winning takes the black away. Though I am sure this is getting old for all of you:)


It was a school project by a gymnast and it is actually well done. It made me think of a few things.

Though I personally think spending thousands of dollars on a sport for the love of the game is a bit much to a parent paying the bills the point about people play sports for fun is a very good one.

I spent years playing soccer as well as a few other sports while I was never good enough to go pro but I still played. The difference is at least to me anyway the cost. At most I spent a couple hundred on a traveling soccer team and these girls are not even close to sniffing a College scholarship let alone the Olympics.

I don’t want it to seem like I am looking down on them because I am not. I can imagine being asked the same question over and over again would be quite annoying and they seemed to handle it albeit with eye rolling and not grace. Than again who am I to complain about attitude :)

Gabby is training hard everyone. As hard as Nastia did in 2012. In the dark continues

June 5, 2014

The Fuck You Baseball blog. Feel free to discuss Gymnastics til they win again

Gabby is training so hard everyone. She has a floor routine and everything. Did they move Iowa inside California because Gabby spent the day in San Fran today admiring her Wax Figure at Madame Tussauds.

Mai has a new floor routine. I like it.


Nice to win especially beating Joba the douchebag Yankee but we are staying dark until this is turned around for good. No more losing streaks.

Hope Miggy is okay, Case.

Opinions on camp rankings?


Day 3 in the dark. You mean Stephen Drew wasn’t the answer? Camp info

Sarcastic me. Sarcastic me. Only a baseball fan understands me (That means you case)

So what happened in the gym world? Be damned if I know I have been at a funeral. A baseball funeral of epic proportions.

According to Nia Dennis’s these were your AA Results.

Looks like maybe Marta is done with the lack of Kyla upgrades herself but I really don’t think Skinner has a chance in hell of beating anyone with her form when real judges judge. In Mays camp videos Brenna Dowell had better form than Kyla when it comes to leg separations and such. I don;t remember handstands but that is one place Kyla has everyone beat.

Looks like Nia is the new Marta pet. Nia has a lot of potential but I see our future Nastia, Gabby by her camp placement.

Juniors: Dennis, Key, Chiles
Seniors: Skinner, Dowell, Ross, Biles


Day 2 in the dark. Red Sox lose again. Baby Shawn

Yep we are still black thanks to Case’s damn Tigers. ( Told you this would happen)

So anything knew going on in the world of gym?

This may take awhile. Dark days are upon us Red Sox Nation. Winning one game is not enough.

Baby Shawn ( Thanks Jas)

OMG the secret Chow way of doing things has been leaked. Hope that girl that took a job pays for her crimes of leaking this info :)


The Fuck You Baseball blog. Feel free to discuss Gymnastics til they act like a Major league baseball team

I am going black until this stupid team learns to either pitch like the Aces they get paid to be but aren’t or they learn to hit like the fucking professionals they are supposed to be. Damn how do I make this picture bigger?

Oh who the hell cares.

Thank God for Mckayla Maroney

June 4, 2014


I didn’t get past the, lets do our make up and don’t let people put you down and yes Mckayla please tell us what is in your

Wake me up when the NHL and NBA finals are over

June 1, 2014

There is nothing fun going on in the World of gymnastics. Except this




Yay for winning streaks. And sweeps of classless fools. And the future And because Rivera retired. Womp Womp.

RIP Alice

Worst Stanley Cup Final EVER, More Caquatto drama and….

May 28, 2014

I don’t root for New York unless it is under very special circumstances ( like they are playing the Montreal Canadians) At least that is what I thought until this reminded me we are 2 games away from having the WORST STANLEY CUP FINALS EVER.

Imagine the bandwagon celebrities of NY like Spike Lee jumping on whatever team from NY just happens to make the finals vs the very same Bandwagon fans of Los Angelos California AKA as Hollywood. Poor Jack Nicholson is going to be so confused but I can easily see him sitting in LA in his Yankee hat rooting for which ever team wins.


12 Olympians Favorite splurge foods

Australia names its 2014 Commonwealth Games teams.

Macko Caquatto is apparently a very rude girl who likes to wake up her cranky neighbors in the middle of the night. The kid seems apologetic and it wasn’t a real gun but drama sure seems to follow the Caquatto’s around and why the hell is Marissa King acting like she won a National title again?’s Camp Videos

May 25, 2014

I have not been in much of a mood to blog lately and have even thought about putting the blog in all black til my damn baseball team can win a game but life goes on and so does the blog so above is the playlist to USA-Gymnastics camp videos. So far only 4 ( Skinner, Priessman, Hernandez and Key)

Spend the day with Mary Lou Retton. 1.26.14 Its guest day. Poor Melissa Oliver had been brainwashed like the rest of the world to loving charm of Mary Lou Retton. GAG ME


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